Bajaj Auto trademarks Dynamo name in India

As of late the Pune-based two-wheeler manufacturing giant, Bajaj Auto Limited has been on a name trademarking spree in the country. Recently in the past few months alone, the automaker has trademarked names like Pulsar Elan, Pulsar Eleganza, Twinner, Freerider, Neuron, Fluor, Fluir, Scrambler and Pacer. And now with this recent news, it has been observed that the bikemaker has also trademarked the name Bajaj Dynamo in India. It is believed that Bajaj could be using this moniker for a new electric vehicle, but as of yet, nothing is clear.

Bajaj Dynamo name trademarked in India: What is it?


As evident from the trademarking document, the Bajaj Dynamo has a Class 12 trademark and may be used for both ICE and electric products. The company has already submitted trademark applications for new versions of the Bajaj Pulsar as well as its other forthcoming two-wheeler models in India. Furthermore, some media publications in the country have also posited that the brand’s next electric three-wheeler for commercial usage could also bear the moniker Dynamo. This new Bajaj electric commercial vehicle will be used for B2B and B2C operations if it is introduced.

However, there are no concrete reports of what the name will actually be used for, so we will just have to wait it out. Recently the brand also trademarked the name Blade and the filing was done by the automaker in March, which is yet to be approved by the authorities. The filed Blade trademark has also been done under Class 12 which means that the name could also be used for anything ranging from motorcycles to scooters, electric vehicles and three-wheelers.

Although considering the brand’s lack of interest in producing petrol-powered scooters, the Blade moniker is almost certainly saved for a planned electric scooter based on the Chetak platform. However, it is yet to be seen if this EV scooter will be a regular commuter scooter with less range and optimised speed or a sportier alternative to scooters like Ather 450X and Simple One.

As told earlier the brand has also trademarked new names bearing Pulsar moniker and currently is working in collaboration with the Austrian sports bike manufacturer KTM on a 490cc parallel-twin engine that will be utilised on many forthcoming bikes in the latter’s portfolio. The forthcoming models that could utilize this engine are the 490 Duke, RC490, 490 Adventure, and 490 Supermoto/Enduro. According to some media outlets, Bajaj will also utilize the same engine for some of its premium segment bikes as it has done in the past.

Rumours around the interweb have also suggested that Bajaj could be reviving its famed 150cc motorbike – the Pulsar 150 with one of these two new monikers but it is yet to be confirmed. Other rumours meanwhile have also stated that it could just be the fact that the Pune-based bikemaker could be trademarking all these names just for the sake of saving them for any future use, however, the real reason still remains unclear.


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