F6003 Wheelbarrow Bearing 20x35x11mm ( 4 PCS ) Push truck Garden Trolley 20 Garden Cart Wheel Flange Ball Bearings

Price: 15.59

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What is non-standard bearing?

Non-standard bearings, is not in line with the national standards for the size of the bearings, also known as the overall size of the national standard is different from the provisions of all bearings. Its main features are low degree of versatility, many for special equipment, special occasions, small batch, new research and development equipment trial products accounted for the majority, but because of its not large-scale, batch production, production enterprises are not many, the cost is high, the price is more expensive.


Wheelbarrow Bearing suitable for low speed manual tools, such as garden trolleys.

Product Introduction

Inner (d): 20 mm

Outer (D):35 mm

Width (B): 11 mm

Quantity:4 PC


Dear friend, Please read this email before your purchase.
You are about to buy non-standard bearings,
Non-standard bearings The most important thing is to confirm that the dimensions meet your requirments,
Our non-standard bearing sizes are marked in the picture.Please check!
The type of seal is mainly 2RS, some will be different, maybe OPEN or ZZ, this can not be guaranteed.
If the seal is important to you, please give us a message to confirm.
Non-standard bearing because of the difficulty of size processing,the quality of nomal ABEC-1.
Non-standard bearings are used in special places, are custom-made for customers.
Hope is also helpful to you.
Best Regards,


1. Why do the bearings I received have shaking?

The clearance of the bearing is related to the play.
The default is the standard C0 clearance, which is usually 3-18um.
The corresponding principle is shown in the figure below.
If you don't need to shake, please choose C2 small clearance bearing.
If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.

2. What is the accuracy of ABEC-1?

ABEC is the American ANSI standard.
The corresponding German DIN standard and international ISO standard are as follows:

3. Do you provide logistics tracking information?

Yes, all our products provide full logistics tracking.
And the products you buy are all new.
We will buy transportation insurance for you.
If the product is damaged or lost during transportation, you can get paid.

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