Luna moped is coming back as an EV: CEO confirms

Kinetic Luna played an important role in Indian automotive history. It was introduced in the Indian market by Kinetic Engineering around 50 years ago. The Luna quickly gained popularity among customers in the country due to its affordable price and convenience. In fact, the Luna was so popular that at one point, Kinetic Engineering was selling around 2,000 units of the Luna per day. Over the years, competition grew, and along with new emission and safety regulations, the manufacturer gradually phased it out. Now, there are reports suggesting that the Luna is making a comeback to the market as an electric moped.

Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green, recently posted a tweet hinting at the launch of the Luna. The tweet said, “A blast from the past!! ‘Chal Meri Luna’ and its creator… my father, Padmashree Mr. Arun Firodia! Watch this space for something revolutionary & exciting from Kinetic Green… you are right… it’s ‘e Luna!!!’” Pune-based Kinetic Engineering Ltd is currently working on the upcoming e Luna or Electric Luna. The electric version of the moped will be launched by Kinetic Green, the sister company of Kinetic Engineering.

According to reports, Kinetic Engineering has already begun production of the chassis for the electric Luna. In addition to the chassis, Kinetic Engineering has developed subassemblies for the e Luna, including the main stand, side stand, and swingarm. They have also set up a dedicated production line with an initial capacity of 5,000 units per month. Kinetic Green already has 4 two-wheeler models in the Indian market. This EV manufacturer offers models like the Zing HSS (High Speed), Zing, Zoom, and Flex. Apart from two-wheelers, Kinetic Green also manufactures electric three-wheelers and buggies.

Remember the Luna moped? Well it’s coming back as an EV, confirms CEO
Kinetic Luna moped

With the introduction of the electric Luna in the market, Kinetic Green aims to target last-mile connectivity and the delivery network chain. Apart from the information available from this recent tweet, not much is known about the upcoming electric moped. Currently, there is no information regarding the electric motor, battery pack, range, and pricing. Considering the fact that this is being targeted as a last-mile connectivity option, it is expected that the range of this moped will be around 50-60 km on a fully charged battery. It is also unclear whether the manufacturer will offer fast charging options with the scooter.

One of the main reasons why the Luna became a hit among customers when it was launched 50 years ago was its price. Back then, the price of a brand new Luna was around Rs 2,000. Kinetic had a 95 percent market share when it came to mopeds at the time. It is said that Kinetic sold around 10 million units of the Luna in India before discontinuing it. Just like with the Luna, Kinetic Green will have to price the new electric Luna competitively. Currently, there are several electric scooter manufacturers in the country, but none of them offer a product like a moped in the Indian market. It is hoped that the upcoming electric Luna scooter will resemble the Luna scooter that was once available in the market.

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