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The Grand Vitara, Hyryder, Invicto, Innova Hycross and City e:HEV benefit from the new UP policy that waives off road tax on hybrid cars, SUVs.

Car buyers in Uttar Pradesh who are considering hybrids can now rejoice as the government has waived off road tax on strong hybrid cars and SUVs. Effective immediately, the on-road prices of cars like the Toyota Hyryder SUV and Hycross MPV, Honda City hybrid, Maruti Grand Vitara and Invicto, will reduce considerably.

DISCLAIMER: The policy is only valid for strong hybrids registered in Uttar Pradesh. The prices mentioned here are dealer estimates. Please check with your local showroom for exact pricing.

  1. Hyryder, Hycross on-road price in UP down by up to Rs 2.04 lakh, Rs 3.11 lakh 
  2. On-road prices of Maruti hybrids also down by up to Rs 2.88 lakh
  3. Honda City hybrid on-road price in UP will also reduce by over Rs 2 lakh

Hybrid variants of the Hyryder midsize SUV were priced between Rs 20.04 lakh and Rs 24.29 lakh before the policy came into effect. Now, the strong hybrid SUV costs between Rs 18.37 lakh and Rs 22.25 lakh, which is a reduction of up to Rs 2.04 lakh. The Hyryder hybrid is powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine combined with an electric motor that make 115hp and deliver an ARAI-rated 27.97kpl.

Considering Innova Hycross hybrid prices started at Rs 31.52 lakh and went up to Rs 37.36 lakh, prices of the MPV have now reduced by up to Rs 3.11 lakh thanks to the waiver. The strong hybrid MPV now costs between Rs 28.93 lakh and Rs 34.26 lakh. The 184hp 2.0-litre petrol-electric system that powers the Hycross returned 13.10kpl and 16.10kpl in our comprehensive city and highway tests.

Maruti Grand Vitara

The Grand Vitara’s on-road price in UP is down by up to Rs 1.98 lakh.

Maruti’s badge-engineered versions of the two SUV and the MPV – the Grand Vitara and Invicto – will also see a significant reduction in their respective on-road prices thanks to the waiver. Hybrid variants of the midsize SUV will see a price reduction of up to Rs 1.98 lakh (it was priced from Rs 21.50-23.30 lakh), while Maruti’s premium MPV will see a cut of up to Rs 2.88 lakh (down from Rs 29.59-33.95 lakh).

Another model, and manufacturer, that will benefit from the tax break is the Honda City, which comes with a 126hp, 1.5-litre petrol-electric powertrain that has an ARAI fuel efficiency figure of 26.5kpl. Honda recently reduced the number of variants on offer with the hybrid powertrain – it only comes in top-spec City e:HEV ZX form now, and its current on-road price is down by a little over Rs 2 lakh, from Rs 24.31 lakh-24.40 lakh.

While some Toyota dealers are also advertising price cuts for the more expensive Camry, it remains to be seen if luxury models like the Vellfire, or sister brand Lexus’ hybrid range will also be affected by the new policy.

It should be noted that between September to November 2023, sales of strong hybrid vehicles totalled 24,026 units, compared to 21,445 EVs sold. This suggests a ‘tipping point’, where hybrids consistently outsell EVs, has been reached. If more states decide to waive off road tax for strong hybrids, it could provide an even greater momentum to sales of these models.

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