Ola electric scooter used for announcing cricket match commentary

Ola electric scooters have been in the news since they were launched in the market. We have been hearing both positives and negatives about the new electric scooter however, the manufacturer has been making efforts to improve the customer experience. It is one of the most feature-loaded electric scooters available in the market. Just like many other electric scooters, the instrument cluster on the Ola scooter is a touchscreen tablet that offers Bluetooth and internet connectivity features. Here we have a video where an Ola scooter user used the scooter as a speaker for making commentary for a local cricket match in his area. The video has surfaced online and has become viral already.

The video has been shared by Twitter user Bikash Behera. The user has tagged Bhavish Aggarwal and Ola electric in his post. However, we have not seen any response from Ola electric’s CEO so far. The video is probably from the state of Odisha. In India we all love cricket and it is one of the most celebrated sports in the country. There are several local clubs and groups in villages and different parts of the country that organise local matches and tournaments. It looks like one of those matches. The Ola S1 pro user had connected the phone to the scooter via Bluetooth and it looks like the person standing next to the scooter is making the commentary of the cricket match.

The person has actually called on the number that is paired with the scooter and made the announcements through the speaker. This is not the first time we have come across something like this. Earlier this year, a bunch of college students in Karnataka played loud music on an Ola S1 pro electric scooter. They were playing popular dance numbers while celebrating ethnic day in their college. Bhavish had reacted to that video by saying that he never thought people would use the scooter as a speaker while designing this feature. Many users who came across the video have left a comment and most of them are impressed with the ingenuity.

Ola S1 pro electric scooter’s speaker used for commentary in a cricket match [Video]

One of the customer has also asked when is he going to get the MoveOS 3 update for the scooter. To this Ola electric replied, “Hey, we are rolling out MoveOS 3 update in phases, you’ll receive a notification on your Ola Scooter screen as soon as it’s available.” Ola Electric officially released MoveOs 3 on 22 December 2022. The software update is available for over one lakh customers of Ola electric scooter across the country. This is the third time Ola has updated the software on the scooter for a better customer experience. This new update offers more than 50 new features and performance updates for the scooter.

With MoveOS 3 update, the Ola electric scooters now have the access to hypercharging which will offer a range of 50 km with just 15 min charging. This is possible when you use Ola’s hypercharger network. The scooter also gets three regen modes and acceleration has been improved too. The scooter also get a vacation mode which stops the batteries from deep discharging for up to 200 days of non-usage. There are many more updates other than these with the Ola scooter with the MoveOS 3 update.


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