Pidilite Motomax Bike Liquid Polish (100 ml)| Instantly Cleans and Shines Bikes, Motorbikes, Cars | Bike Liquid Polish for all Auto Care needs

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Product Description

MOTOMAX Bike Liquid Polish

bike liquid polish motomax vehicle lubricantbike liquid polish motomax vehicle lubricant

A Pidilite Product- From the Makers of Fevicol

Features –

Remove stubborn stains- It cleans the bikes metallic surface and causes stubborn stains to disappear without leaving a trace. Moreover, it doesn’t affect the paintLess effort- You can easily remove the dirt and give instant shine to the metallic surface of the bikes and scooters with minimum efforts. This makes it different from any other polishInstant – It removes the minor oxidized layer and other scratches from the surface in no time. It is the Ultimate bike shiner when in a hurry Pidilite promise- The manufacturer of Motomax Bike Liquid Polish, the Pidilite industries is one of the most recognized industries in delivering the top qualities of hardware and paint productsEco-Safe- The Motomax bike polish is totally eco-safe and does not cause any damage to the environment. It does not contain any harmful solvent which can affect the surrounding and our health

Restore, Protect and Prevent Car Bike Interiors

Restore, Protect and Prevent Car Bike Interiors

motomax liquid polish vehicle lubricant protectant shiner automobile pidilite

motomax liquid polish vehicle lubricant protectant shiner automobile pidilite

Motomax bike Liquid Polish

Motomax bike Liquid Polish

Restore, Protect and Prevent Car/Bike Interiors

Motomax Dashboard Polish helps keep your car interiors like dashboard shine and restore the shine of your dull, faded interiors. By applying the Motomax Dashboard Polish, you can prevent the fading, drying and cracking of your car interiors and protect it from the damage of harsh UV rays.

Economical and Easy to Use

The dashboard polish is a great alternative to a traditional car wash or car servicing which is expensive. It is economical to weekly clean up and a great DIY Car clean up product which is easy to use and safe to use by everyone.

UV Rays Resistant

The Car and Bike Dashboard Polish provides UV Rays protection to preserve the interiors of your car and bike. With harsh UV rays, the car dashboard, plastic, rubber and vinyl interiors can be damaged. With the use of Dashboard polish, the car interiors are protected.

Rubbing PolishRubbing Polish

How to use Motomax bike liquid polish

1) Ensure that surface is clean and free from dust, dirt, rust, grease or oil. If needed, wash and dry the surface

2) Take product on sponge applicator & spread it evenly on the surface

3) For dull and faded surfaces, two or more applications will be required

Our USP – Specially formulated to restore gloss on vinyl, rubber, plastic surfaces, and protect against UV rays, The Motomax Dashboard Polish protects and shines your interiors of your car, bike, and other vehicles. It provides an instant shine to your dashboard, tyre sides, Plastic and Vinyl parts of your car, bike and motorcycles and preserves the interiors of your vehicle. When used regularly on your cars, bikes, and vehicles, it resists fading, drying, cracking and maintains a fresh look of your vehicle’s interiors

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