2021 second-generation Mahindra Thar review, road test

This second-gen Thar is far more polished than its predecessor. But how is it to live with? We find out.

The new, second-generation Thar is hands down far better and far more modern than its predecessor – it is this verdict from our first drive review that forms the basis of this text. Because Mahindra has turned the Thar into a lot more polished and a more desirable proposition this time around, it’s been a hit from day one, instantly tugging at the heartstrings of buyers.

As a result, bookings for this niche off-roader have skyrocketed and so have waiting periods, which extend into months. But is it worth the long wait and all the hype that surrounds it? Can you live with it on a daily basis? And can it be considered as your primary vehicle? We put the diesel-manual and automatic, as well as the petrol-automatic version through our comprehensive tests to get the answers.

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