Amazon Brand – Solimo Universal Bike Water Resistant Bike Cover (Dark Blue & Silver)

Price: ₹699.00 - ₹361.00
(as of Sep 03, 2022 07:52:05 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Solimo Bike Cover

Solimo Bike Cover protects your bike from damage induced by moisture, rust, and minor scratches, when the vehicle is stationed outdoors. Designed with water resistant material, the abrasion-resistant cover is customized to match your bike’s specifications and precisely secure the vehicle with its snug fit. The robust cover features mirror pockets on either side to protect the protruding side mirrors of the bike. The edges also feature a clip lock at the bottom which can be secured to keep the cover in place, particularly during strong winds. Maximum protection from the elements is ensured as the cover shields the bike from direct exposure to the sun, which in turn prevents the paint or vehicle hardware from wearing out. The full-coverage bike cover also helps to protect the vehicle from splatter and animal or bird excrement.

Water Resistant

Water-related damage can be detrimental to the longevity of a bike. The Solimo Bike Cover is made of water resistant material to guard against the effects of moisture, rain, and sleet. It is specifically designed to protect your bike when it is parked in open locations, which subject your vehicle to the elements

Clip-Lock Closure

When parking your bike in an open space, you might worry about the cover flying away due to strong winds. The Solimo Bike Cover is designed with a buckle lock to hold it in place and secure the bike even under such weather conditions.

Mirror Pockets

Solimo Bike Cover is designed with pockets to encase and protect the side mirrors of your bike. Not only does this ensure all-round protection for the bike but also offers ultimate protection from external factors.

Easy storage

Comes equipped with a storage pouch which can be used to store the cover when not in use

Cover is crafted from UV resistant material to protect your bike against sun and color fading
Heat protection
Suitable for all 125 CC Bikes: Honda SP /CB Shine /TVS Raider /Bajaj Platina /Hero Passion /Hero Glamour etc

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