Ather 450X electric scooter in water wading test

Electric scooters have become extremely popular in Indian market. There are several mainstream manufacturers that offer electric scooters in the market now. Ather, Ola electric are some of the popular names in the list. Ather electric scooters caught buyer’s attention mainly because of the unique styling and well-engineered products. They initially launched their products in Bengaluru and once they were confident they expanded to other states and cities. We have seen several videos of Ather electric scooters online and here we a video where a rider takes the Ather 450x scooter inside water to test how it performs.

The video has been uploaded by @mohitbhamla2187 on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see an Ather 450x electric scooter inside a water body. It looks like a small pond. The video starts with the scooter already in water. It is not clear whether the rider intentionally rode the scooter into the pond or was that a mistake. From what we see in the video, it looks like the rider was actually testing the scooter in the water. More than half of the scooter is already under the water. The scooter seem to work quite well. The rider then reverses the scooter. The LED tail lamps can be seen working without any issues.

The Ather 450X comes with Park Assist or reverse gear which helps the rider in parking the scooter in tight spaces. The same is engaged in this case. The rider turns the scooter inside the water and then rides it out without any issues. The video does not show how the scooter was after it came out from the water but, it looks like everything was working as usual. As mentioned above, Ather 450X is a well-engineered product. They built the scooter from scratch in India. The battery on this scooter is placed under the floorboard and these batteries are properly sealed and are water and dust resistant rated.

This is how Ather 450X electric scooter goes water wading: Can it hold up? [Video]

The rider was probably testing whether the scooter would work fine when it is submerged in water. The main reason behind this thought might be the fact that electricity and water don’t go side by side. The owner or rider might have wanted to test whether the batteries are actually waterproof or not and whether water would affect any of the functions on the scooter. It looks like the owner was satisfied with the performance. Few days ago, there was an incident where an Ather 450X caught fire and later the company came forward with an official statement that revealed the reason.

The company mentioned that the wiring harness had caught fire due to some issue with one of the connectors to the motor. They ensure that the BMS on the scooter remains unaffected and it was a rare human error. Ather 450X electric scooter is available with a 3.7 kWh battery pack that is connected to an electric motor that generates 8.7 bhp. The scooter has an ARAI certified range of 146 km. The real world riding range is around 108 km. Ather 450X is prices 1.60 lakh, ex-showroom.

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