Bajaj Avenger Modified by JEDI Customs as Old school Bikes

Building Simple thing is the most complex job. This Avenger signifies similar hard work done by Jedi Customs for their client.

In the modification job, this avenger fancies a typical peanut tank and cruiser fenders with a flair. Headlight is from Harley Street 750 and tail light is an aftermarket LED one. Both of these have an old school grill which matches the overall vibe. low slung tan brown hand stitched seats and a straight handlebar give just the perfect ergonomics apart from upscaling the aesthetics ofcourse. We wanted to give it a bright and appealing paint job and hence candy red was chosen. No paint job of ours is devoid of pinstripes. to be honest this particular build infact exceeded our expectations. Hope you like our build.

On asking about this beauty Adwait Samant has told us that “This Bajaj Avenger build has a small story to it. Story of patience and passion. It belongs a very old friend of ours Kesavan Ravi . This was the same Avenger he would ride around the campus in his VNIT days. So this motorcycle has a particular connect with me personally. 

But then they say if you hold something too close to the heart then you wouldn’t want to let it go. To go one notch higher we would tend to keep it on the back burner and finish rest projects. It took us nearly 3 years to complete this one. But all the while our friend’s patience was exemplary. Feels so good finally to have delivered this.” 

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