Bajaj CT 125X vs Honda Shine vs Hero Super Splendor: specifications compared

Bajaj recently launched a larger version of its rugged CT commuter bike, the CT 125X. At this end of the market, it competes with established competitors from industry mainstays, in the form of the Hero Super Splendor and the Honda Shine. Let’s see how they compare on paper.

Bajaj CT125X vs rivals: engine & output

Engine & Output
Bajaj CT 125X Honda Shine Hero Super Splendor
Engine Air-cooled, 124.4cc, single-cylinder engine Air-cooled, 123.94cc, single-cylinder engine Air-cooled, 124.7cc, single-cylinder engine
Power 10.9hp @ 8,000rpm 10.6hp @ 7,500rpm 10.7hp @ 7,500rpm
Torque 11 Nm @ 5,500rpm 11 Nm @ 6,000rpm 10.6 Nm @ 6,000rpm
Gearbox 5-speed 5-speed 5-speed

These 125cc commuters aren’t about outright performance (by a long shot), but instead appeal to those who want a frugal and hassle-free riding experience. All bikes here feature near-identical output numbers so performance should be within spitting distance of one another. One thing to note, however, is that all the bikes here get an all-down gear shift pattern as opposed to the more conventional 1-down rest-up seen on larger machines.

Bajaj CT125X vs rivals: suspension & brakes

Suspension & Brakes
Bajaj CT 125X Honda Shine Hero Super Splendor
Suspension (f) Telescopic fork Telescopic fork Telescopic fork
Suspension (r) Twin hydraulic shock absorbers 5-step adjustable twin hydraulic shock absorbers 5-step adjustable twin hydraulic shock absorbers
Brakes (f) 130mm drum/240mm disc 130mm drum/240mm disc 130mm drum/240mm disc
Brakes (r) 130mm drum 130mm drum 130mm drum
Tyres (f) 80/100-17 80/100-18 80/100-18
Tyres (r) 100/90-17 80/100-18 100/80-18

All bikes here get fairly basic hardware with the Hero and the Honda offering preload adjustable rear suspension units. All three bikes also get two variants, one with a 130mm drum brake at the front and another with a 240mm disc. Another point of distinction between the Bajaj and the other two bikes here is that it runs on 17-inch cast alloy wheels instead of 18-inch units on the other two.

Bajaj CT125X vs rivals: weight & dimensions

Weight & Dimensions
Bajaj CT 125X Honda Shine Hero Super Splendor
Kerb Weight NA 114kg (drum & disc) 122kg (drum) 123kg (disc)
Seat Height 810mm 791mm 798mm
Wheelbase 1285mm 1285mm 1273mm
Fuel Capacity NA 10.5 litres 10 litres
Ground Clearance NA 162mm 180mm


Accessibility is a common theme here, with all of them boasting very reasonable perches. The Bajaj CT 125X at 810mm has the highest seat height of them all followed by the Hero Super Splendor at 798mm and the Honda Shine at 791mm. Bajaj doesn’t list kerb weight for their entrant, but it is sure to be heavier than its smaller sibling, the 127kg CT 110X. This makes it at least 5kg heavier than the Hero Super Splendor and over 13kg heavier than the Honda Shine.

Bajaj CT125X vs rivals: features

The Honda Shine gets a silent starter, engine start/stop switch, side-stand cut-off and an integrated high beam/passing switch. The Hero Super Splendor gets autosail technology (promising smoother ride in traffic), a side-stand cut-off and an integrated USB charger. The Hero is also the only bike here which gets a digital readout in addition to its analogue display. In terms of features, the Bajaj CT125X is the most spartan bike here featuring only a USB charger. 

Bajaj CT125X vs rivals: price

Bajaj CT 125X Honda Shine Hero Super Splendor
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs. 71,354 (drum) Rs. 74,554 (disc) Rs. 77,378 (drum) Rs. 81,378 (disc Rs. 77,500 (drum) Rs. 81,400 (disc)


The Bajaj CT 125X is more affordable than the other two bikes here by a substantial margin which makes a big difference especially in this value-conscious segment. The Honda Shine and the Hero Super Splendor are better-equipped than the more utilitarian Bajaj. Whether that is enough to justify the price premium they command is something only time will tell. 

All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, Delhi.

Which of these three bikes is your pick in this segment? Let us know in the comments section below.


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