BMW R Nine T Modified by FCR Original

We have seen many modifications on BMW R NINE T. Many of them were really nice. But this mod from FCR Original is eye catching. 

The Nine T Urban is distinguished by its extraordinary charisma and its urban and sporty look. Dressed in a striking Red Burgundy shade, the Urban’s silhouette makes it a decidedly contemporary motorcycle that sets benchmarks where others blend in. 

Specifications for the Modification are below listed:

Cycle Parts:

  • Custom Rear Loop
  • FCR Original rear footrest

Front Axle:

  • Black DLC treatment on fork tubes
  • Modified front fender
  • Michelin Power 5 tire

Rear axle:

  • Michelin Power 5 tire
  • Painted shock absorber spring


  • FCR Original Exhaust Line
  • K&N air filters
  • V2 rocker covers, textured paint
  • FCR Original battery holder


  • FCR Original custom paint
  • Smoked BMW logo
  • Matte black paint on various elements
  • Custom made saddle
  • FCR Original Radiator Grille
  • FCR Original engine mount
  • SW Motech pilot footrest
  • FCR Original side plate support

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