BMW S 1000 XR price, M 1000 XR power, electronics

M 1000 XR gets carbon-fibre winglets, special higher-spec brake components.

BMW has taken the covers off the third model in its M line-up – the M 1000 XR – that’s powered by the same engine as the S 1000 RR superbike. In this bike it makes 201hp at 12,750rpm and 113Nm of torque at 11,000rpm.

  1. Winglets give 12kg of downforce at 220kph
  2. Forged rims come standard on M 1000 XR
  3. M Competition pack shaves off 3kg

For quicker acceleration, 4th-6th gears on the M 1000 XR are shorter than the S 1000 XR and final drive gearing is also shorter, with a 47-tooth rear sprocket compared to a 45-tooth unit on the S. The chassis is based on the S 1000 XR’s, but the M 1000 XR uses winglets that provide 12kg of downforce at 220kph. To rein in all that power, the M 1000 XR uses special M brake calipers and discs and even comes standard with the Brake Slide Assist system.

The M Competition Package includes M Carbon wheels, M Carbon parts such as rear wheel cover with integrated chain guard, side panels, front wheel cover, inner cover and ignition/steering lock cover as well as a fully adjustable M footrests for the rider and passenger, and a lap timer. Equipping the M 1000 XR with this pack will reduce its weight by a further 3kg.

BMW S 1000 XR updated

For 2024, the S 1000 XR has also been updated with a little more power, a few new features and cosmetic touches. The S 1000 XR now makes 170hp at 11,000rpm, as opposed to the 165hp made by the earlier model. Torque stays the same as before at 114Nm, made at 9,250rpm. Seat height has now risen to 850mm, up from the previous 840mm. The Headlight Pro feature, USB charger and keyless ride are now standard on the S 1000 XR. And the front beak is now finished in the same colour as the rest of the bike instead of black. 

Expect both the XR models to make their way to India sometime next year.

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