Cardo Spirit helmet Bluetooth communication device review-riding gear – Introduction

The Spirit is the most affordable of all Cardo Bluetooth communicators.

The Spirit is Cardo’s entry-level helmet communication device that I used on a 2,000km road trip for our big ADV comparison a couple of months ago. I attached the Spirit to my MT Thunder 3 SV helmet using the provided plastic bracket, which held it securely over the entire trip. And it weighs just 35 grams, which didn’t upset the balance.

The Cardo Spirit features 32mm speakers, a 400-metre range rider-to-rider intercom, 10 hours talk time, and is waterproof and dust proof. It comes with fast-charging capability too, giving you 2 hours worth of battery in just 20 minutes of charging via the USB Type C port, which is nice. The Spirit features four buttons, which are easy to locate while you’re on the move. They control various functions like play/pause music, next/previous track, connect to the rider intercom and summon Google Assistant. The mic is another strong suit of the Spirit, with the voice quality being crystal clear. It’s also very adept at filtering out wind and road noise. 

Connecting the device to your phone is also a straightforward affair and takes little time to figure out. And once paired, it connects instantly thereon. However, on our ride, I would get disconnected from the other riders within around 200-300m, which is less than the claimed 400m range. Still, what was nice was that the device reconnected to the others instantly and seamlessly.

Charging port cover feels a bit flimsy.

At this price, the Sprirt comes with a few compromises and the speakers could have been better; they’re loud enough but lack a bit of clarity and bass. I would have also liked for it to have a more secure way of concealing the charging port from the elements. Still, given its price, it is acceptable and not a deal breaker. Another bonus is the two-year warranty this product comes with.

Priced at Rs 9,299, the Cardo Spirit costs Rs 4,400 less than the Spirit HD. In all honesty, it’s worth stretching for the HD, as you get a longer battery life (by 3 hours), larger HD speakers and a longer 600m range. There is the option to equip the Spirit with the larger 40mm JBL HD speakers, but that will set you back a further Rs 4,599, which takes it past the Spirit HD’s price. Still, if you are on a strict budget of Rs 10,000, the Cardo Spirit, with its good build quality and adequate features, is worth going for.


Price: Rs 9,299

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