Did the suspension survive? [Video]

Ola elctric scooters are quite popular in the Indian market. It is one of the most popular scooters currently available in the market. Ever since this scooter was launched in the market, we have been hearing positives and negatives about this scooter. Ola has fixed most of the issues but, there is one news that keeps on surfacing on online medias these days. It is the suspension. We have come across several incidents where front suspension on the Ola scooter has broke due to various reasons. People have been complaining about the same too. Here we have a video from a YouTuber where he tests the suspension on Ola scooter by performing stunts.

The video has been uploaded by Aki D Hot Pistonz on his YouTube channel. The YouTuber actually professionally trained to do stunts and we do not recommend people reading this article to imitate him. In this video, the rider mentions that he has also heard a lot about the suspension breaking and that is why he is planning to do a hardcore suspension test. He starts by riding the scooter through a mud track with an extremely uneven surface. He can be heard saying in the video that he usually rides his Royal Enfield Himalayan through this track and it is extremely trick as the chances of losing balance and falling is always there.

The surface has loose gravel or rocks which makes it even more tricky. While riding through this stretch, the rider mentions that the suspension is acting pretty well and he has not heard any weird noise or sound from any of the panels yet. After riding through this stretch, he takes the scooter to a narrow road where he rides the scooter over a speed breaker without slowing down. He does this act several times and each time, the speed of the scooter kept on increasing. He was pretty happy with the way the scooter was actually performing.

Rider stunts to test suspension on Ola S1 Pro electric scooter: Did the suspension survive? [Video]
Ola S1 pro – rider performing stunt

Once had cleared this level, he takes the scooter to a narrow track. This track had a portion where the scooter can actually go airborne. The rider wore his riding gear for this stunt (which we appreciate) and then rode the scooter through the track. In the first attempt, only the front wheel of the scooter was in the air. In the second attempt the scooter was in Sport mode and it completely flew in the air for few seconds. In the Hyper mode, the scooter made went airborne and performed. In this stunt, the front and rear suspension of the scooter were put to test.

After this, he attempted to do stoppie with the electric scooter. In this stunt, all the pressure is put on the front suspension as the rear wheel is in the air. The rider does couple of stoppies to check if the vehicle is working fine. Once he was confident, he pulled a rolling stoppie and finished it in style. The scooter did show an issue but, that was only because the system thought the stoppie was actually an accident and that was resolved after the system diagnosed and restarted the scooter.

The rider was pretty happy with the performance and mentioned that the suspension on the Ola S1 Pro does not have any issue. The rider was using a brand new scooter to do these stunts. Looking at the registration plate, it looks like the scooter belonged to a dealership. The people who faced the suspension issue did not face it with a brand new scooter. The owners of the scooter who faced this issue where using the scooter for a quite some time and over a period of time, the part that broke would have got weak as it is put through pressure constantly. In many cases, the suspension of the scooter broke in an accident and in some cases, Ola has also released official statement. YouTuber doing stunts on Ola scooter is definitely great however, we do not consider this as a good example that shows the strength of the front suspension.

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