Glamour Bike Modified: Examples, Price, Kits

Here are the list of examples of Hero Glamour Modification:

1. Glamour bike Modified into Scrambler by Nikhil Customs

They have used Ralco off-road tyres on both side. Himalayan handlebar is used. Fuel tank is handmade. Rear section of the bike is chopped off. Single longer seat with leather covering is used. Overall bike has black color scheme with silver color on fuel tank and side panels with black color strips.

2. Glamour modified into R80 Type Scrambler by Legal Kustom Motorcycles

Glamour modified as bmw r80 scrambler

They have completely modified this bike. This bike is road legal as modifiers have taken all the necessary permissions from RTO. Fuel Tank is taken from Splendor. Luna Round Headlight is used. Ralco off-road tyres are used on both sides. Yamaha FZ handlebar is fitted. Rear frame has been chopped off and rear suspension is replaced with pulsar nitrox shockers. Aftermarket glasswool exhaust system is used.

3. Hero Glamour modified as Tracker “Impala” by Legal Kustom Motorcycles

This 2007 model is heavily modified to give some killer looks. Custom made Fuel tank is used with RX 100 Fuel cap. Fuel tank got Punisher sticker on top and Impala branding on sideways.  Single seat with cowl at the back. Custom made handle bar is fitted for perfect riding position. Headlight are 60W -12V each with car relay. Mud guard is taken from Pulsar 135.

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