Green Master’s electric car is India-made & cheaper than a Royal Enfield motorcycle

Styled like a Vintage car, this is the most affordable Electric car in India; From Green Masters, an Indian EV manufacturer, this is the base variant of the 2 seater car costing Rs. 1.45 lakh, cheaper than a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

The market share of EVs is increasing at a steady pace in India and surely has a promising future. As of now, we have some very good EVs in the market, from the affordable segment to luxury electric vehicles. Although these electric vehicles have a lot of advantages such as low running costs, environment friendly, less maintenance and more, these battery-powered vehicles are on the costlier side and cost way more than ICE cars. Tata Motors has the most affordable range of EVs in the country like Nexon EV, Tigor EV and the recently launched Tiago EV.

The Tiago EV all-electric hatchback is the most affordable EV in India with price ranging from Rs. 8.49 lakh to Rs11.79 lakh (ex-showroom). Apart from this, MG City EV and Citroen C3-based EV are some of the upcoming affordable EVs, which are expected to launch in the coming months. Setting aside these well-known mass-market car manufacturers, several small-scale enterprises are working in the electric vehicle space with the goal of introducing battery powered two and four wheelers at an affordable price tag. So today, we have come across one such manufacturer named Green Masters, and let’s have a look at their affordable electric car.

India’s most affordable ‘Electric Car’ is cheaper than a Royal Enfield motorcycle [Video]

India’s Most Affordable ‘Electric Car’: Green Masters Two-Seater Electric Car

To begin with, the EV unmistakably looks like a Vintage vehicle from all sides. Upfront a huge sliver mesh grille is surrounded by a matt black finish with the Green Masters logo at the top. The vehicle gets LED headlamps, 19-inch spoke wheels, a bench-type seat, and a small 70 litres boot at the back along with tail lamps which are a straight lift-off from Royal Enfield Bullet. The battery pack is placed in the hood, while the electric motor is positioned on the rear axle, making it a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

As the design is inspired by Vintage cars, the shock absorbers, as well as axles, are exposed. It uses the rear shock absorbers from Royal Enfield bikes. Taking the pilot seat, a neatly designed steering wheel with silver detailing welcomes you with a quite simple instrument console. The cluster has two units, one for the speed while the other shows the battery consumption along with tell-tail lights in the centre. Towards the end of the video, the presenter drives the EV and he seemed quite impressed with its performance.

Talking about specs, this is the base trim of the EV and gets a 48V 30AH lithium battery pack paired with a 900 W electric motor. The power output from the system is 1 bhp and 1.2 Nm of peak torque, while the claimed range is around 50 kilometres. The charging time for the battery pack is approximately 3-4 hours and the top speed is limited to just 40 kmph. In terms of dimension, it is 2.74 meters long and 1.37 meters in height while the ground clearance is 450mm. At just 190 kgs of kerb weight, the EV is even lighter than a Royal Enfield Classic 350. The Green Masters two-seater EV will cost Rs. 1.45 lakh including all taxes.

Green Master also offers a top-spec trim of this EV which cost Rs. 2.75 lakh and it gets alloy wheels, a larger 48V 90AH battery pack paired to a more powerful 1000W battery pack with a claimed range of around 100 kilometres. All the EVs from Green Masters come with a 2-year warranty for the battery pack.


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