Home-made single-wheeled self-balancing KTM bike! (Video)

Remember that guy who built the one-wheeled scooter? Well, he’s at it again! This time he’s made a self-balancing one-wheeled KTM motorcycle. He’s even made a video about it and shared the step-by-step process on YouTube through the Creative Science channel. Let’s check it out.

They kicked off the build by grabbing a fuel tank from a Yamaha FZ and slapping it on a homemade frame made of pipes. Next, they made a seat by tracing a cardboard template onto metal, sticking some foam on top, and cutting it to shape.

With the frame and seat done, they moved on to finishing up the chassis by taking off all the body panels. They gave it a coat of primer and spray painted it KTM orange. The tank was decked out in KTM’s signature orange and white, complete with carbon fiber on the side panels and decals. Not sure why they didn’t just use a KTM Duke fuel tank, but hey, whatever works! They even wrapped a tiny fender in orange and white to match.

Finally, it was time to put everything together. They started by slapping the chassis onto the wheel, then added the handlebar and tank. A stylish cafe racer seat was bolted onto the rear subframe, and a lower subframe was added for extra stability.

Powering the one-wheeled ride are some batteries that the team put together themselves. To get the wheel rolling, all they had to do was flip an MCB switch. They topped off the build with a fake headlight and bar-end mirrors to give it a motorcycle look.

Home-made single-wheeled self-balancing KTM bike! (Video)

Seems like the vlogger just took his one-wheeled scooter approach and adapted it to look like a KTM motorcycle. The key component is the self-balancing sensor, which makes the scooter balance itself. But, it has to be installed and calibrated properly or else the scooter won’t stand up straight. The sensor connects to the throttle cable via wires.

While it might look weird, the one-wheeled motorcycle does work. The vlogger doesn’t mention how long the battery lasts, or if it’s even rechargeable. But in the video, we see them cruising around without any issues. It’s not exactly fast, but it does have a mini KTM Duke vibe going on.

Home-made single-wheeled self-balancing KTM bike! (Video)

Self-balancing unicycles use gyroscopes and sensors to maintain balance. The gyroscope spins at a high speed and provides stability, while the sensors detect the rider’s movements and adjust the wheel’s speed to keep the unicycle upright. The rider controls the direction of travel and speed by shifting their weight. The unicycle’s software processes the input from the sensors in real-time and drives the motor to maintain balance. We believe this is how the vlogger created this self balancing one-wheeled KTM motorcycle.

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