India’s first Tata Harrier mid-size SUV modified with Jeep Wrangler alloy wheels [Video]

Tata Harrier is easily one of the most popular mid-size SUVs in the Indian market and a ton of people have modified this SUV to look apart. Most recently another video has surfaced on the internet and the Harrier in this video has been modified to look like a mean off-roader. The SUV features a set of extremely aggressive alloy wheels and all-terrain tires and looks ready to go off-road.

The video of this particular Tata Harrier has been shared on YouTube by MIHIR GALAT on their channel. The video starts with the vlogger showing snippets of the content. Following this, the presenter then officially starts the video with the introduction of the car and the owner of the vehicle. The presenter first states that the SUV looks extremely aggressive and the most distinctive feature is the massive alloy wheel and tire setup of the vehicle.

He asks the owner how and where did he get these alloy wheels to which the owner replies that he got them from the same shop from where another famous YouTuber Ashwin Singh Takiar got his. He told the presenter that he bought them in Gurgaon and these are some of the biggest alloy wheels and tires fitted in a Harrier in the whole country. The presenter then asks the price of the setup and the owner tells that the it costed him Rs 2.80 lakh for 5 tires and five alloy wheels.

He further added that the alloy wheels are from the popular off-road alloy wheel brand KMC Alloys which are mostly used in Jeep Wranglers. The owner also states that the tires are from Maxxis which another one of the most popular tyre brands in the whole world for off-road specific all-terrain tires. Moving on the presenter then shows the front fascia of the SUV and notices the after market LED light bar and flashing lights. The owner then tells that the lights are from Hella which an another high end brand.

India’s first Tata Harrier modified with Jeep Wrangler alloy wheels [Video]

Following this presenter shows the after market bumper guards of the front and of the rear. The owner tells that he has not gone for anything over the top and has tried to let the car remain a little simpler with light modifications. The owner and presenter then take a seat inside the car the owner shows the flashing light and siren’s remote control which alloys him to change the modes of both of the accessories. The presenter then shows the interior and the Z black tints of the car from inside. Following the introduction the owner and presenter then take the car for a spin.

The presenter starts driving the car and tells that he can immediately feel a difference in the grip and stance of the vehicle and tells that it feels much more planted. He then asks the owner about the suspension side of things to which he replies that he is looking to get custom suspension setup built for the car. He stated that currently there is no setup available in the market for the Harrier and he has contacted Ironman which is another one of the most reputed brands in the country to work on a suspension setup for the car.

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