India’s longest range electric bike can go 307 Kms/Charge

Ultraviolette Automotive – an electric vehicle start-up backed by TVS Motors – has just revealed new details about their first product for India and the world – the F77 electric sportbike. The Ultraviolette F77 electric sportbike will be India’s longest range electric two wheeler, with an IDC certified range of 307 kilometers/charge. The sportbike’s frame and battery details were revealed on the occasion of the ‘National Battery Day’.

Ultraviolette F77: India’s longest range electric bike can go 307 Kms/Charge

The electric motorcycle will be launched on the November of 24th, 2022  while pre-bookings will open from October 23rd with the booking amount  pegged at Rs. 10,000. Sales of the Ultraviolette F77 will happen online, and eventually the electric vehicle maker plans to set-up experience zones that will allow potential buyers to test ride the F77, and also take a closer look at the electric sportbike. For the first year, Ultraviolette Automotive plans to produce only 10,000 units of the electric motorcycle, and going forward the EV maker plans to have an installed capacity of 150,000 two wheelers/year.

Features biggest battery ever seen on an Indian electric two wheeler

Yes, that’s right. The Ultraviolette F77 electric sportbike features a 10.5 kWh battery, which is easily the biggest battery found on any electric two wheeler sold in India. The motorcycle comes with 3 riding modes and 3 different levels for regeneration.

Ultraviolette F77: India’s longest range electric bike can go 307 Kms/Charge

While the battery on the previous prototypes of the F77 were made of 18,650 cells, and was removable. the production version will have a battery pack with 21,700 cells and will be a fixed unit cased in aluminum. The increase in the number of cells have given the F77’s range a big boost. Previously, the electric motorcycle was tipped to do only 150 kilometers/charge. Specific details about the F77’s performance figures will be revealed on launch day.

Development of the Ultraviolette F77 began 5 years ago…

Ultraviolette Automotive was set-up in 2015, and development of the F77 electric sportbike began 5 years ago, in 2017. Extensive development is said to have resulted in a thoroughly tested electric motorcycle although the final judge of the reliability and performance will happen once the EV is in the market.

Ultraviolette co-founder Niraj Rajmohan had this to say about how his team settled on the extended battery range,

For the past couple of months, we were having a monthly campaign called Beyond Asphalt where we targeted to push the bike to its limits and see its breaking point. The real-time data that we retrieved is what has gone into making the final iteration of the battery. 

CEO and co-founder Narayan Subramaniam has stated that the Ultraviolette F77 electric sportsbike has been designed with a durability level of about 7-10 years, and that the motorcycle has passive and active cooling for the battery pack to ensure long life and thermal management. The motorcycle will be available in three variants – Airstrike, Laser and Shadow. Upside down front forks and monoshock rear suspension – both adjustable for pre-load, a totally redesigned frame and battery pack, new swing arm and an improved transmission are few of the key aspects of the production-spec F77. Over to the launch now!


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