Introductory price only for 1947 units

Ola Electric has relaunched the S1 electric scooter, and has priced it at Rs. 99,999, ex-showroom. Interestingly, Ola Electric had originally launched the S1 late last year, at exactly the same price tag. Back then, this price wasn’t introductory though. In the months following the original launch, Ola produced the S1 Pro instead of the S1 given the higher demand for the former.

Ola S1 electric scooter relaunched at Rs. 99,999

Ola Electric relaunching the S1 could do with the fact that the electric vehicle maker is saddled with unused capacity at its Hosur factory. Also, buyers may want a lower priced offering. As was the case before, the S1 electric scooter sits below the S1 Pro as Ola Electric’s  entry level offering. Bookings are open online for Rs. 499 and the booking window will be open until the 31st of August. Deliveries will commence from the 7th of September.

The Ola S1 offer 141 kilometers of ARAI certified range. Ola claims 128 kilometers of ‘True Range’ in Eco mode while the claimed range drops to 101 Kms and 90 Kms in Normal and Sport modes. The Ola S1 does not get the Hyper mode that is offered exclusively on the more expensive S1 Pro. As for other changes, the Ola S1 gets a smaller battery pack of 3 kWh but enjoys the same peak power rating of 8.5 KW as the S1 Pro.

Top speed on the Ola S1 is limited to 95 Kph, which on the S1 Pro is 116 Kph. Gradeability on both scooters remain unchanged though, at 15 degrees. Feature deletions on the Ola S1 are cruise control and the hyper mode. The rest of the scooter, including the design and features, is similar to the S1 Pro. The relaunched S1 will also get the Move OS3 update that Ola will roll out for the S1 Pro on Diwali.

Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Ola, said,

Over the last year EVs have been at the center of transforming personal mobility. At Ola, we have been at the epicenter of this change, driving adoption, increasing access and affordability. There is much to be achieved yet. Currently, less than 15% Indians own a 2 wheeler or a 4 wheeler and with India poised for strong economic growth, the Indian automotive industry will witness demand for 20 million 4 wheelers and 50 million 2 wheelers each year. We believe that India needs to become the global epicenter of the EV revolution and command 25% of the world’s automotive market. Today, at Ola we are taking Mission Electric to the next level by ensuring we have a roadmap to investment in technology, build scale and bring quality products that India deserves. As we build for India, we will also be creating the EV paradigm for the rest of the world. 

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