Jawa 42 Modified: List, Price, Examples

Jawa 42 is another offering by Jawa Motorcycles. It is cruiser bike which was brought in competition with Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Bike have great looks and is available in various color scheme. In this post we are providing you next level of modification done on Jawa 42.

1. Jawa 42 Blak by Bombay Custom Work.
Jawa 42 modified as cafe racer
They have modified the Jawa 42 into a low key sleek cafe racer. Bike is given black color scheme. Front fenders are shorten and clip-on handlebars are used. Rear fender is removed and cowl is used on the seat with integrated indicators. Bike parts are colored in glossy finish whereas tank is treated with matte.

2. Jawa 42 Cafe Racer by Autologue Designs

Jawa 42 Cafe Racer by Autologue Design

Another Jawa 42 Cafe Racer modification is done by Autologue Designs Pune. They have came up with bolt on kit concept through which user can easily remove the stock parts and fit the cafe racer parts without any support.

It will come with front fairing which will connect with fuel tank. A dedicated knee section is there under fuel tank. Single seat for rider only. Bridgestone Battlax tyres are used.

3. Jawa 42 modified into Scrambler.

This Jawa 42 is modified into a scrambler. Dual purpose Ralco tyres are used. Stock exhaust is removed and short one is used. Front fenders are also shorten. There are no rear view mirrors and aftermarket tank pad are used. All the upgrade are done under INR 30K. No performance based modification is done.

Pic – Rushlane

4. Scrambler 42 by Autologue Designs Pune

Autologue Design have also modified Jawa 42 under scrambler version. They named it Scrambler 42. The things you noticed under this customisation is scrambler type exhaust pipe, motocross fenders, headlight assembly is replaced with custom plate where headlamp can be fitted easily. Custom black tank pads are used. Red Yellow paint scheme adds much more sportiness to the bike.

5. Starlight Blue by Agozee Kustoms

Gujarat based custom house has done visual modification on Jawa 42. They have used blue matte color with grey strips on tank. There is black color used on both side of the tank with Jawa logo and tricolor strip. The section is seperated by golden lining. 42 Classic Legends written on Fuel tank. Bike also got X shaped headlamp grille. 

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