Low cost electric scooter likely

Ola Electric’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has just revealed that his company would announce a new product on the 15th of August 2022. This year’s 15th of August – India’s Independence Day – promises to see many electric vehicles unveiled, including Mahindra Electric’s new range of electric SUVs. Meanwhile, here’s what Mr. Aggarwal tweeted,

While Mr. Aggarwal hasn’t specified what exactly the new product would be, we anticipate that Ola Electric will reveal or announce a low cost electric scooter. There are three reasons why we think that the new product would be a low cost electric scooter.

  1. Earlier this year, Ola Electric has revealed that it’s working on a lower priced electric scooter for India, and that it would be launched soon.
  2. Ola has suspended production of the S1 scooter, which was the electric vehicle maker’s entry-level offering.
  3. The bulk of demand in the electric scooter space comes from the sub-Rs. 1 lakh segment, where Ola doesn’t have a presence. Moreover, the electric vehicle maker is facing slowing demand and the resultant inventory build-up due to this.

Ola Electric’s Bhavish Aggarwal to announce new product on 15th August: Low cost electric scooter likely

Another electric vehicle that could possibly be revealed on the 15th of August is the electric car that Ola Electric is working on. Slated to debut next year, the car promises to be India’s sportiest electric car. The Ola electric car is being designed at the company’s UK design center, but manufacturing will happen right here in India. Ola has already put out a couple of teasers for the electric car.

Apart from the low cost electric scooter and the brand new electric car, Ola Electric is said to be working on an electric motorcycle and an electric SUV for the Indian market. Launch timelines for these products have yet to be revealed though. Recently, Ola Electric announced a massive investment of about billion US dollars (Rs. 8,000 crore) in a new battery research and development facility at Bangalore.

Coming back to Ola’s electric two wheelers, the company released a firmware update called MoveOS 2 for the S1 Pro. While many owners seem to be happy with the latest update that’s aimed at solving many pressing issues, some are still complaining about glitches. Judging by social media accounts of many S1 Pro owners, the electric scooter is still far from being niggle-free. However, key issues such as thermal management (the stuff that causes fires) and faulty throttle management (which causes inadvertent engagement of reverse) seem to be resolved for now.

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