Mahindra BE Rall-E electric 4X4 SUV that’ll launch in 2024: Video walkaround

Earlier last Saturday the country’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra Auto brought its forthcoming range of Electric vehicles for the first time in India. And one of the biggest highlights from the event was the brand’s newest concept the BE Rall-E electric 4X4 SUV. This EV off-roader SUV is a dedicated 4×4 vehicle based on the standard BE.05 all-electric SUV. Recently a video on the internet sharing the exterior details of this all-new SUV was shared online.

The video was shared by HER GARAGE on her YouTube channel and in the video, the vlogger can be seen giving a detailed walkaround of this upcoming EV off-roader the BE.05 Rall-E electric 4X4 SUV. The presenter starts the video by giving an introduction to the vehicle and then starts showcasing and explaining the front-end design of this SUV. At the front, the first thing that the presenter shows is the uniquely sculpted bonnet of the SUV. The bonnet gets a slopping design with a huge opening to direct airflow from the front and help with the aerodynamics. She then showcases the DRLs of the SUV which are integrated with a distinctive black element that runs from one end to the other.

She then focuses on the headlamps of the SUV and tells that these look like the aftermarket headlights that enthusiasts get for their Mahindra Thar’s. The headlights can seen to boast an all-LED setup and along with them with LED rings. Following this the presenter then shows the extremely aggressive bumper of the SUV in which the LED headlamps have been housed. The bumper on the concept vehicle can be seen finished in a gun-metal grey color and a brushed silver skid plate/grille can also be noted. A tow hook finished in orange color is also shown.

A closer look at the Mahindra BE Rall-E electric 4X4 SUV [Video]

Moving on the vlogger then points at the off-road pod lights on the unique rack at the top of the SUV and tells that these are extremely helpful during off-roading adventures. Following this she then starts showing and explaining the side profile of the SUV. She first presents the chunky claddings of the BE.05 Rall-E and then the off-road specific 18 inch steel rims wrapped around with all-terrain tyre from Maxis. She then showcases the sideview mirrors of the SUV finished in black. On the side, the next thing showcased by her are the cladding and side rails on the SUV. These too are finished in the same gun-metal grey finish as the front bumper. A neon green accent on the side claddings along with flush door handles can be noted as well.

Following this she then highlights one of the most distinct elements of the SUV the roof mounted rack that houses the full size spare wheel along with off-road essentials like a small shovel. She also shows a battery pack on the roof but tells that it is just a model and the production model will most likely not come with this. She further adds the interior of the SUV has not been finished and hence this concept boasts fully blacked out windows. She then moves to rear the SUV and shows the simple rear design that boasts a wide LED taillamp strip that spans from one edge to the other. And then also showcases an aggressive rear bumper as well.

A closer look at the Mahindra BE Rall-E electric 4X4 SUV [Video]

She then interviews Pratap Bose, chief design officer, Mahindra and Mahindra and asks him about the car which he replies that they have presented the forthcoming models for the first time India and showcases the “Pure Electric Comes Home” badging on the SUV. He tells that this is an all-new vehicle that has been designed for off-road enthusiasts that currently use Thars for taking it off-road. He tells that they have specially prepared this concept to show that off-roading in all-electric SUVs is possible and can be fun too. The presenter then asks Bose if the production will look close to this model or not to which he replies that it will look 100% same to the concept which is a huge statement as well as goof news for all the awaiting enthusiasts.

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