Migrant kid who got kicked by Tata Tiago owner gets ride in Kerala businessman’s Kia Carni

In November this year, a shocking incident from Kerala was reported where a 6 year old migrant child was brutally kicked by the owner of a Tata Tiago hatchback for leaning on the car. The incident was recorded in the CCTV installed nearby and soon it became viral. People argued with the Tiago owner about his actions and soon cops also took him into custody and remanded him for 14 days. Ganesh, the child was admitted to a nearby hospital and a Kerala businessman had come forward offering him a ride in his Kia Carnival. Ganesh has now been discharged from the hospital and the Kerala businessman kept his promise and took him for a drive in his Kia Carnival MPV.

Migrant kid who was kicked for leaning on Tata Tiago gets a ride in Kia Carnival

The incident happened in Kannur’s Thalassery district in Kerala. Ganesh who is the child of a migrant couple from Rajasthan was taken for a ride in a Kia Carnival which is owned by Tony Varkichan , owner of Achayans Jewellery in Kerala. According to reports, this was the first time Ganesh was experience a car ride and the businessman took Ganesh and his family for the ride. The businessman offered Ganesh and his family a ride through the Kozhikode city for several hours. Ganesh and his sibling put there head out from the sunroof of the MPV to get a better view of the city (we do not recommend doing this out of a moving car).

Tony Varkichan said, “After the video of the six-year-old boy being brutally kicked by a young man for leaning on his car went viral on social media, we couldn’t hold back as the incident touched our hearts.” He added that the happiness that was there is the face of Ganesh and his family while getting into the car was priceless and those were some of the precious moments in his life.

Migrant kid who was kicked for leaning on Tata Tiago gets a ride in Kia Carnival

Initally, Tony had planned to take Ganesh and his family on a road trip from Kerala to their native place but, due to some technical issue they had to drop the plan. The family spent several hours in the car and Tony took them to restaurants and also for shopping. He mentioned that the family has been offered financial support for next three months.


This was actually a very unfortunate event. Talking to The New Indian Express, one of the member in Ganesh’s family said, “We wanted to go back to our native place after the Thalassery incident. We came to Kerala thinking that we would be able to earn money for our survival but the place has become a bit scary now.” The incident happened on November 3 this year. Ganesh was leaning against a Tata Tiago car that was parked in a No Parking Zone. Ganesh used to sell balloons on the street. Shihshad, who was the owner of the hatchback saw Ganesh leaning on the car and without any warning he simply kicked Ganesh. The kid was in shock after seeing such a behaviour from the car owner. Locals gathered around the car and started arguing with the car owner. Mohammed Shihshad, the accussed was slapped with various sections including Sections 308 (attempt to culpable homicide), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code. The car was also seized after the incident.


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