Modified RE Thunderbird into Bobber by XLNC Customs

Modified thunderbird by XLNC Customs

Delhi based bike customisation house XLNC customs has came up with new modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 into bobber style.

Some of the Notable Changes we can see are:

  1. Customised Bobber Tank 
  2. 150mm Rear Broad tyre  & 110mm Front wheel base 
  3. Custom Fenders
  4. Extended SwingArm
  5. Custom Made Exhaust with Metal Finish edge 
  6. Zero Profile Seats 
  7. LED Headlight and Tail Light with rear side plate number

Apart from wheels and alloys nothing have been picked up from the shelf or from market. All parts are handmade.

XLNC customs took almost 3 months to complete this work. And the cost of this modification is around INR 120,000.

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