Modified Yamaha FZX into Adventure Type by Zero Custom Motorcycles

Yamaha conducted a competition for best modified Yamaha FZX design. And the first prize was won by Zero Custom Motorcycles for their adventure type build.

After that Yamaha send stock bike to them to customise the bike according to their design.

And the results are here. The modified Yamaha FZX looks fabulous. 

Here are the details of modification:

  • They have increased front suspension height to give it a full adventure look.
  • Front tyre is 19inches and Rear is 17inches.
  • Redesigned the total exhaust system From bend pipe to muffler.
  • They also re-positioned itin central under the chassis.
  • Body side panels and headlight side braces were manufactured inhouse itself.
  • 24 litres panniers.

Zero Custom Motorcycles is a modification workshop based in Hyderabad. 

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