Nana Patekar takes a pillion ride on Triumph Tiger while shooting for a movie

Witnessing a live film shooting is an experience which not many people come across. However, what’s even luckier is becoming a part of the film shooting when you are witnessing it as an audience. Something similar happened with two bikers when they were riding in Uttarakhand and stopped at a spot where the shooting of a Marathi movie starring Nana Patekar, only to become a part of the shooting later on.

The entire incident got captured in the action camera of a biker, who uploaded the video on his YouTube channel ‘Xtreme Moto Adventure’. In the video, two bikers on their Triumph Tigers are seen riding on the mountainous roads of Uttarakhand. Between Niti Valley and Joshimath, the two riders came across a big crew, who were there for the shooting of a Marathi movie. The two bikers stopped at the shooting spot when they came to know that the renowned film actor and national award winner Nana Patekar was also a part of the cast of the movie.

Bikers were roped in for the shoot

Nana Patekar takes a ride on a Triumph Tiger while shooting for a movie [Video]

The bikers requested the shooting crew members to allow them to see and have a conversation with Nana Patekar, as they appeared to be fans of the actor. However, a bigger surprise was waiting for them. A crew member of the movie rushed towards the bikers and told them they require the bikers and their motorcycles for a shooting sequence involving Nana Patekar and the lead heroine of the movie, to which the bikers happily agreed.

After a few minutes, Nana Patekar and the lead actress of the movie came towards the bikers and greeted them. The shot involving the bikers needed the actors to stand behind the bikers for a short-riding sequence. Nana Patekar looked surprised by the size of the Triumph Tiger and initially found it difficult to stand behind the rider as a pillion. However, the actor quickly got accustomed to the size of the motorcycle and the pillion seat.

While sitting and having a conversation with the bikers, Nana Patekar asked them about their native place, their motorcycles and the entire riding plan they were following. After the shot got completed, Nana Patekar and other crew members of the movie thanked the riders. With this shot, even the bike riders became a part of the shooting and might get an appearance in the final cut of the movie.

Many people don’t know, but Nana Patekar himself is an avid automotive enthusiast and prefers old-school machines over swanky new ones. He owns an old Mahindra Major and Royal Enfield Classic 500, both of which have massive fan bases and are known for their simple, old-school engineering.

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