Ola Electric’s S1 range of scooters get MoveOS 3 software upgrade [Video]

The electric scooter manufacturing firm Ola Electric – the subsidiary of the Bangalore-based cab aggregator Ola Cabs has rolled out the MoveOS 3 update for its electric scooters. According to Ola Electric, the scooters will receive over 50 features with this update. The update came as standard in the Ola S1 Air but the existing customers of the S1 and S1 Pro can also now also have this update in their scooters.

Numerous new features, including hill-assist and rapid charging, are included in the MoveOS 3. The Ola S1 lineup’s current features’ interface and functionality are also upgraded. One of the major improvements included in the most recent software update is hypercharging. With only 15 minutes of charging, the technology is supposed to provide a 50 kilometre driving range.

Additionally, the Ola S1 series now gets proximity unlock.  Users may use the functionality to unlock Ola electric scooters without using their keys. Users may lock and unlock a scooter using the function, called by the company “6th sense,” According to the manufacturer, the scooter will be able to unlock itself when it detects the presence of the owner nearby. The electric scooter will also lock itself as the owner moves away.

The Party mode is another of this new update’s standout features. This mode seems to be inspired by Tesla’s dance mode.  It makes it possible for the Ola electric scooter’s lights to match the music the rider is listening to. Users will have access to this control on the scooter as well as through the company’s proprietary app.

Ola dashboard now also features a call screen thanks to MoveOS 3. Users may utilize the functionality to immediately see who is calling them on their Ola scooter. Additionally, when operating the scooter, Ola users will be able to auto-reply. With MoveOS 3, the Ola S1 series will also get features like Bolt and Vintage moods as well. This functionality will allow users to choose several instrument cluster themes and sounds.

Ola Electric’s S1 range of scooters get MoveOS 3 software upgrade [Video]

Customers who wish to update their existing S1 and S1 Pro scooters with the new MoveOS3 can do it by themselves with an active internet connection. To update, the owner will have to go to the settings section of  the scooter, choose “system update,” and then hit “download.” The download will complete in about 3 minutes. When it’s finished, it will prompt “install now.”  After hitting the instal now button for  the duration of the 30- to 60-minute software installation procedure will take place and scooter wont move. Following the installation the scooter will  give a briefing on all of its new high-tech features.

In other Ola news, recently Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, recently made an overly optimistic prediction that by August 2023, the Ola S1 series will overtake the Honda Activa as the most popular scooter on the Indian two-wheeler market. Due to its unique features, high range, and current lineup of three models (S1 Air, S1, and S1 Pro), the Ola S1 series has already become the most popular electric scooter in India.

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