Ola MoveOS 3 update brings new electronic features to its electric scooters

With this update, Ola has also launched a line of accessories compatible with all its e-scooters.

Ola has launched the entry point to its two-wheeler line-up, the S1 Air electric scooter, at an introductory pricing of Rs 79,999. Alongside this, Ola also showcased the MoveOS 3 update, which brings new features such as fast-charging and hill-hold assist to the S1 line-up as well as improvement in the interface and the functionality of existing features. 

Ola MoveOS 3 update: details

The MoveOS 3 update brings with it many features which were promised much earlier, including hill-hold assist, moods, regen. But perhaps, the most important feature now added to the S1 scooter lineup is the addition of fast-charging capability. Ola claims there are currently 50 hyperchargers installed across India and when plugged into one of those, the S1 e-scooters can amass nearly a 50km range in just 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, there are currently three moods – Bolt, Vintage and Eclipse – which alter the visual theme on the TFT dash as well as the sound emitted from the onboard speakers. Proximity alert enables the scooter to ‘sense’ when you approach it and will automatically unlock itself. 

Through profile sharing, the electric scooter can be shared with others without divulging the passcode (since the S1 e-scooters do not have a conventional key). One feature which hasn’t been seen before is the ‘Party’ mode, wherein you can play any song you wish to and the lights on the scooter will flash in sync to that particular song. 

While most of these features are concentrated on the electronic side of things, there are a few which are said to improve the mechanical aspects as as well. For starters, the much-awaited hill-hold feature will allow you to rest on an inclined surface with just a tap of the brake lever. Another important feature is the addition of three levels of regenerative braking, allowing you to accumulate the energy you use while slowing down to incrementally charge the battery.

Sign-ups for the beta version of MoveOS 3 will begin on October 25 and it will be completely distributed to all S1 owners by early December, claims Ola.  

With this update, Ola has also launched a range of accessories compatible with all its e-scooters. Chief among these are a centre stand and a pillion footrest that allows the pillion to sit sideways. Both of these will be available to purchase January 2023 onwards. 

Are all these features enough to entice you to purchase an Ola electric scooter? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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