Ola S1 Pro electric scooter rider rides on [Video]

As the monsoon has descended upon India, many parts of the country are experiencing heavy rainfalls. In some states like Goa situation is getting out of hand as a number of streets are getting flooded and causing massive inconveniences to common people riding on their humble scooters and bikes. When a flooded road is spotted in general most of the scooter and bike owners take a U-Turn however some people like this Ola Electric S1 Pro EV scooter owner decided to do otherwise. This particular owner of the hugely popular EV scooter decided to cross the flooded road and share a video of him driving through the water-clogged road in Goa on his Twitter account.

The Ola Electric S1 Pro driver shared this rather daring video of him driving through a flooded road in his EV scooter on his Twitter profile. The caption of the video stated, “Where people do a U-Turn during Flooding we OLA COMMUNITY GOA are Ready to Explore @bhash @OlaElectric What Say😎” In the video, a Honda Activa driver along with a few other bikes and cars can be seen reversing and backing off from the flooded road. Meanwhile, this particular owner glides off of the flooded road without any worry.

A number of people who shared the tweet and appreciated the daring gesture of the rider of the Ola Scooter. However a lot more people came forward and criticized the owner for doing this act. They stated that no matter how sealed the battery is there is always an inherent risk of eater reaching inside and destroying the vehicle. The rider replied to a lot criticisms but it has to be noted that doing these types of acts on a regular basis could deteriorate the mechanical and electrical parts of the already sensitive EV scooters.

A YouTuber most recently performed a similar act with an Ola S1 Pro electric scooter, driving it into the ocean to see if it could withstand salt water. Aki D Hot Pistonz posted the video on their YouTube account. The scooter rider in the video went to a beach behind his house. After some time of riding the scooter on the sand, he plunged it into the sea.

Other two wheeler riders stop at flooded road: Ola S1 Pro rider rides on [Video]
Ola S1 Pro EV in sea

He was looking to see whether seawater intrusion wouldn’t cause the Ola S1 Pro scooter to stop functioning. After some time with the scooter entirely buried in the water, the YouTuber turned the scooter around and began riding it back. The scooter’s continued operation even in the presence of water astounded the rider. Batteries and the motor were both secured. He took the scooter outside and began testing it in various settings. The rider was really impressed that the headlamps, speakers, and other electrical components were all functional. Even the touchscreen was operating without a hitch.

Why you should not drive your EV scooters in flooded roads?

Other two wheeler riders stop at flooded road: Ola S1 Pro rider rides on [Video]

Driving electric vehicles (EV) scooters in flooded roads is not advisable due to several reasons. Firstly, the electrical components and batteries of EV scooters are vulnerable to water damage. Submerging them in water can lead to short circuits, malfunctioning, or even permanent damage. Secondly, flooded roads often have hidden obstacles, such as debris or potholes, which can cause accidents and injuries. Additionally, the reduced traction on wet surfaces increases the risk of skidding and loss of control. Lastly, floodwaters may contain contaminants or hidden hazards that can further damage the scooter or pose health risks to the rider. It’s essential to prioritize safety and avoid driving EV scooters in flooded conditions.

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