Ola S1 pro rider takes the scooter on a Mumbai to Pune road trip

electric scooters have become a lot more common in India and Ola electric is one of the most popular among them. We have seen several ownership videos of Ola electric scooters online. In most cases, the owner share positive and negative things about the scooter. There are many videos that show real-world range of this scooter. Here we have a video where an Ola S1 pro owner attempts to ride a scooter from Mumbai to Pune while utilising the charging network set up by Ola.

The video has been uploaded by Independent Backpacker on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about his plans with the electric scooter. He is planning to ride from Mumbai to Pune in his scooter. It is not possible to ride the scooter from Mumbai to Pune in a single charge as it does not have the range to do it. So the vlogger planned the route and then marked all the hyper charging stations on the way. He also marked Ola’s experience centres on his route which would let him charge the scooter.

He started the trip at around 3:30 pm from Vasai. The scooter was fully charged and initially, he chose to ride the scooter in Eco mode as he was riding through city roads with heavy traffic. He rode the scooter inside city for almost 26 km before joining the highway. By now he had used 20 percent of charge and  He got the air pressure checked and then joined the highway. Once he was on the highway, he switched to Normal mode and was carrying speed of 50-60 kmph. He did push the scooter much because he was concerned about draining the batteries fast.

Ola S1 Pro electric scooter owner rides from Mumbai to Pune [Video]

He even engaged the cruise control and after riding for some distance, he even came across a traffic jam over a bridge but, as he was riding on the scooter he had the advantage and didn’t have to wait for long. He soon started running out of charge and reached one of Ola’s experience center. When he asked the dealership, they told him that they don’t have a fast charger but can charge using a regular charger. He plugged the scooter for half and hour and that brought the charge back to 70 percent. After charging the scooter, it was showing a range of 97 km in Normal mode and 109 km in Eco mode.

He decided to ride till Lonavala and stop at a hotel there to charge the scooter. He soon reached the ghat section where he had several winding roads. The scooter had 26 percent charge left and he had to ride for 12 km only. It looked quite simple on paper but as soon as he started climbing, the rate at which the charge was decreasing increased. After riding for some time, the scooter automatically switched to eco mode due to low battery. At one point, the scooter went to a limp mode where it was not climbing the ghats at all. The rider had to push the scooter with his feet and once it gained momentum, it could move forward. The rider managed to reach the charging station with only 1 percent charge left.

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