PMV Electric’s EaS-E microcar launch today! (November 16)

To snatch the title off of Tata Motors’ hands for producing the most affordable electric vehicle in India, the Mumbai-based electric car manufacturing startup PMV Electric will be launching the country’s cheapest electric car on November 16. The first electric product Eco-Friendly and Sustainable–Electric (EaS-E) is a micro-electric vehicle that plans to create an entirely new segment in the Indian automotive industry called the — Electric Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) segment.

PMV Electric’s EaS-E microcar launch today! (November 16)

Speaking to the media, Kalpit Patel, Founder of PMV Electric said, “We are delighted to officially unveil the product. This will be a milestone for the company, as we have created a world class product manufactured by an Indian company. We look forward to introduce a new segment, called Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV), which is aimed at everyday use.”

The Eco-Friendly and Sustainable – Electric (EaS-E) will be available in three variants, with each variant’s stated range changing from 120 km to 200 km per charge. With its 3 kW AC charger, it is claimed to be completely charged in less than 4 hours. This tiny electric vehicle will be 2,915 mm long, 1,157 mm wide, and 1,600 mm tall. The vehicle will feature a 2,087 mm wheelbase and 170 mm of ground clearance.

According to the company, the kerb weight of the forthcoming micro EV will be close to 550 kilograms. The EaS-E will include amenities such as a digital infotainment system, a USB charging outlet, air conditioning, remote keyless entry and remote park assist, cruise control, seat belts, etc., according to PMV Electric. The upcoming EV will feature big windows, arched wheel wells, and alloy wheels. On the rear, it will have a full-width taillight. The PMV EaS-interiors E’s are anticipated to have two seats, a simple dashboard, and fabric upholstery. It is stated to include cruise control, and power windows as well.

As of yet no official announcement on the estimated price of EaS-E has been stated but it is anticipated to have a starting price of between Rs. 4,00,000 and Rs. 5,00,000. Other notable features of the upcoming EV include EaS-E® Mode: Feet Free Driving In Traffic, Cruise Control, Regenerative Braking, Over The Air (OTA) Updates, Remote control for AC, lights, windows, and horn, and Remote Parking Assist.

PMV Electric’s EaS-E microcar launch today! (November 16)

In other micro electric vehicle news recently the British automaker MG Motor announced that the two-door, compact Air EV will go on sale in India early in 2023. Sources claim that MG may give a sneak peek of this brand-new tiny electric car during the 2023 Auto Expo, which will be held in February of that year. The SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture’s micro EV, a little electric runabout car simply known as the Wuling EV, which was unveiled in Indonesia in June of this year, will serve as the foundation for MG Air.

Although MG has not yet provided information regarding the powertrain or range of the vehicle, the automobile is offered in China in two configurations. A two-seater measuring 2,599 mm (102.3 inches) in length and a four-seater measuring 2,974 (117.1 inches). Both will have electric motors that produce 40 horsepower (30 kW / 40 PS), which Wuling claims is more than the Mini EV and Nano EV. Additionally, it is anticipated that the Wuling or the MG Air EV would have power outputs of 30 kW (41 PS) or 50 kW (68 PS), which is more than the 20 kW (27 PS) provided on its likely less expensive sibling. Both are supposed to have 26.5 and 28.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries and a range of 300 kilometers on the Chinese CLTC cycle.


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