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The Scott Hydro Roamer backpack makes for a comfortable yet compact city commuting companion.

I don’t like the idea of wearing a large and heavy backpack on a motorcycle, but I do appreciate being able to carry my small knick-knacks with me. Which is why the Scott Hydro Roamer backpack, with its 12-litre volume, has proven to be a perfect companion on city commutes. It’s a relatively small, very well-made backpack that features four neat compartments and also comes with a 2-litre hydration bladder included. The volume is divided in an organised and useful manner across the compartments, with a large central main compartment, a smaller front compartment, a dedicated compartment for the bladder, and also a shallow top compartment that’s quick and easy to access.

The front compartment features two internal pockets and three elastic straps, which make it easy to store smaller items without them getting lost inside the bag. The shallow top compartment is useful for items like your wallet or phone, and also features a hole through which you can pass wired earphones when you’re not on the bike. Materials are of a high quality all across, and the bag feels quite sturdy overall. The zipper tabs are also easy to use with gloves on.

Once you adjust the straps properly, the bag feels very well balanced and you don’t feel the weight too much, even with the bladder full. The shoulder straps also feel plush and comfortable, and they’re quite breathable, too, which is nice in our heat. There’s also a chest strap and a waist strap to make sure it stays firmly in place even when riding hard. The back of the bag features a foam layer and once again feels very comfortable against the body, and doesn’t cause any sweating.

Bite valve works well but misses dust cover.

There is a great deal of convenience and comfort on offer with this backpack, and it’s well suited to use on a motorcycle. It allows me to carry essentials like my phone, wallet, headphones and charger, as well as 2 litres of drinking water, with a good amount of room to spare. But there is a great deal to pay for all this utility, because at Rs 6,990, the Hydro Roamer certainly isn’t cheap. At this price, I would have also liked it to be waterproof and for the bite valve to have a dust cover.


Price: Rs 6,990

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