Sea To Summit Big River Dry Bag review- riding gear

A lightweight, premium waterproofing solution.

Adventure and motorcycling are two worlds that have much in common. So it makes sense that some products designed for either could work well for the other. One of my favourite ‘Adventure’ bits of gear for motorcycling is the dry bag. As the name suggests, it’s a simple, sack-like waterproof bag that uses a roll-top closure to keep your belongings dry. 

I like keeping a dry bag in my backpack because it’s always nice to have the security of a waterproof solution whenever the need may arrive. This latest one comes from Australian Adventure company Sea to Summit and the clear differentiator to the more affordable Dry Bags I have used prior to this is in the lightweight, flexible material. Most lower priced dry bags are built in a thick, rubberised material, but the Big River bag from Sea to Summit uses a 420d ripstop Nylon material that feels a lot lighter. There are multiple sizes available, from 5 to 65 litres and I’ve been using the 20-litre model.

This one weighs just 184gm and it’s easy to fold up and tuck away at the bottom of my backpack if I don’t need it. The material’s flexibility allows me to fit it in my main 25-litre backpack or in the much smaller storage pocket of my hydration pack; this simply wasn’t possible with the thicker dry bag I used before.

Hypalon loops allow it to be mounted to the bike.

I always use the dry bag within a backpack, but it’s also possible to mount it to the backseat of a motorcycle, or onto another item of luggage. You can do this by using the four tough-feeling hypalon loops that are sewn into the sides of the bags.

Rs 3,719 is not a small amount for a 20-litre drybag and there are considerably cheaper options out there. On the other hand, this bag is constructed of a high-quality material that brings clear packaging and space management advantages. At this price, I’d have liked the inclusion of a one-way valve to easily purge trapped air from within the bag, but I am otherwise happy with what it has to offer.


Price: Rs 3,719


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