Simple One price, launch, features, battery range

The Simple One claims to conform with Automotive Industry Standards (AIS) amendment 3 that ensures battery safety.

Simple Energy has announced that the One electric scooter will be officially launched on May 23. The company had previously showcased the scooter and announced a price, but there was radio silence about commencement of deliveries after that.

  1. Simple One delayed to comply with new battery safety regulations
  2. Simple One’s 8.5kW motor makes 72Nm, claimed range is 236km

In the meantime, a number of incidents of electric scooters catching fire (due to thermal runaways) surfaced online, prompting the government to clamp down on makers and sellers of re-badged Chinese electric scooters. Subsequently, the Automotive Industry Standards (AIS) amendment 3 was introduced, which ensures better battery safety. Simple Energy had said back then that it will push forward the launch of the One electric scooter to comply with the new norms. The company claims that the Simple One is currently the only electric scooter to comply with the new norms.

Simple One electric scooter: details

We got a chance to sample the One electric scooter in July 2022 and were pretty impressed with what the Bengaluru-based start-up had come up with. Its sharp design, performance and handling were some of its highlights. The scooter we rode had an 8.5kW motor that produced 72Nm. Its 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery capacity translates to a claimed range of 236km, which is higher than any other scooter sold in India. All said, we did note some quality related niggles, which we hope have been addressed in the production scooter.

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