Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV review, drive: price, features, performance details

Skoda’s first all-electric RS has been designed to impress and is headed to India sometime in 2023.

It says Skoda on the bootlid, and there’s the flying arrow up front, but this certainly doesn’t feel like a regular Skoda. Super sophisticated on the inside, designed to impress, and in presence of some real ‘BLING’, not only is this Skoda very different to look at, it’s also the brand’s first all-electric RS.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV: exterior

The Enyaq RS iV is built on the ubiquitous MEB platform that underpins other VW models.

Built on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, which underpins other electric cars from the group like the VW ID.4 and Audi’s Q4 e-tron, the Enyaq coupe is, however, the one with the most upmarket design. This comes as something of a surprise, considering Skoda’s position in the group.

The ‘Crystal’ grille gives the Enyaq RS iV its very own identity.

The nose just looks stunning. The ‘crystal’ grille will get hordes flocking into Skoda showrooms, that’s for sure, and what it will also do is give the car an identity of its own here in India. While the grille will grab your attention, what your eyes will also soon be drawn by is the large air dam up front, the superbly detailed bonnet and the arched roofline.

RS badge given place of pride just above fender.

This RS version also gets wheels that sit perfectly in the wheel arches, there’s a nifty vRS badge at the base of the ‘A’ pillar and around the back, the sloping roofline and the sharply styled rear hit the spot. There’s more than a bit of BMW X Coupe here.

What’s also interesting is that the Enyaq is not built at Volkswagen’s main EV factory in Germany, but in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech, making it the only other plant to make an MEB car as of now.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV: interior

Massive panoramic glass roof is stunning, but has no heat shield, which could pose a problem in India.

The cab-forward stance and big rear overhang also make the Enyaq spacious on the inside. This is evident up front. Climb in and the high fixed-glass roof makes it feel roomy and airy. This feeling of space is enhanced by the fact that the layout of the dash is simple and layered, with the only thing sticking out being the big 13-inch touchscreen.

Large touchscreen is high res with loads of information.

Must say, the textures and materials on this RS feel quite upmarket and very sporty, and the big touchscreen with its updated hardware works extremely well. You still have to hit the ‘Clima’ button below the touchscreen to get into the climate control sub-menu and adjust fan speed, and that is a pain.

Plenty of space and comfort on the rear seat.

There’s also loads and loads of space in the back. You’d think, with this arched roofline, headroom at the rear would be compromised, but the high roof helps with packaging. Skoda has also placed the rear bench at just the right height, so that you are not sat too low; the backrest is nicely reclined and there’s more than sufficient width at the rear. This backseat should work very well in India. And what will also help is that there’s no central tunnel. Even boot space is good, at 570 litres. You can even fold the rear seats down if you need more room.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV: ride, handling, engine, performance

As we set off, I find the big, sporty driver’s seat to be quite comfortable. Not only do the front seats look and feel upmarket, I even like how they provide support without grabbing you too tight. Also super is the view over the stubby bonnet, visibility to the sides is also excellent, and apart from the big mirrors, nothing really fouls your vision. As the Enyaq moves forward, I immediately notice how refined and silent it is. Rolling refinement is excellent, the cabin is well insulated from tyre noise (important for an EV) and, even at speed, there’s only a small amount of wind noise.

As the first all-electric RS, the Enyaq gets dual motors and all-wheel drive.

However, this version, the first all-electric RS, is all about performance, and with twin motors, four-wheel drive and the equivalent of 299hp, it has the chops. 0-100kph comes up in an impressive 6.5sec. Even better is the fact that the Enyaq, especially in Sport, launches you forward with plenty of energy, even if you use only part-throttle and tap the accelerator.

Straight line performance is strong; 0-100kph takes 6.5 seconds.

You can feel all four wheels putting the torque down to the road via both axles, as the suspension sort of tenses up. Keep your foot down, however, and like many electrics, performance tapers off after the mid-range. So rather than drive it at 100 percent, it’s nicer to dial it down a bit and enjoy the bursts of power you get when you tap the right pedal.

Despite its weight and tall body, the Enyaq RS iV showcases great handling and grip.

This RS also has plenty of grip and traction in corners and the tall body remains nicely in control. There, however, isn’t much in terms of feel and feedback from the steering when you turn in. Still, what you can do, and quite effectively at that, is lean on the grip and use it to power through corners; this is quite enjoyable. It does feel heavy when on the move though, and doesn’t exactly feel agile. A bit more feel from the steering and nimbleness would go down really well. This is an RS after all.

Huge 21-inch wheels not well suited to our roads.

Skoda would also do well to make it more comfortable to ride in when the car is imported to India. The ride here feels firm even in Comfort, and while bad patches here in the Czech Republic are few and far between, the big 21-inch wheels do result in some amount of unnecessary movement. Maybe just going a size or two down will make all the difference. 

Where it will score well is with its 82kWh battery, which should give it a fairly healthy range even if, like us, you drive it in an energetic manner. Expect around 350km at least.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV: price, verdict

The 82kWH battery can go from 10-80 percent in a claimed 29 minutes.

Likely to be imported into India in 2023 at an estimated price of Rs 60 lakh, which will easily make it the most expensive Skoda yet, the Enyaq Coupe RS iV is a unique proposition. Attractive to look at, practical and entertaining to drive, Skoda’s first EV could really create a buzz. And that’s exactly what Skoda wants. With many more EVs set to follow in the years to come, it wants to stand up and be noticed. And this is just the car to do it with. Question is, will the Skoda brand work at this price?

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