This BMW Superbike worth Rs 43 lakh sounds like a sports car

The demand for expensive cars and bikes in India has gone up over the years. India, which is one of the biggest markets for two-wheeler manufacturers in the world, has seen many new entries in the last couple of decades. Expensive bike brands like BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and Harley Davidson have marked their presence in India. The variety of motorcycles available for buyers in India has also increased, and here we have a video of a BMW K1600 B Grand America tourer motorcycle that sounds like a sports car.

The video has been uploaded by “Bike With Girl” on her YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger takes the BMW K1600 Grand America motorcycle for a ride in the city. While riding the bike through the narrow roads of Mumbai, the rider also takes note of the reaction of the people on the road. Before we start with the specs and other features of the motorcycle, it should be noted that this is a 2018 model bike and it costs around Rs 43 lakh. The vlogger starts directly talking about the engine of the motorcycle.

It is powered by a 1,600 cc, transverse in-line 6-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that generates 160 Hp and 175 Nm of peak torque. It is a huge motorcycle and weighs around 367 kilograms. The motorcycle is designed like many other tourer motorcycles that we have seen in the past. The front looks extremely wide, and there are storage compartments at the rear and side. The motorcycle comes with floorboards and footpegs to ensure that riders get a relaxing riding position on long road trips. The top case on this motorcycle has a storage capacity of 49 litres while the two storage compartments on either side are 37-litre units.

This 43 lakh rupee BMW superbike sounds like a sports car [Video]
BMW K1600 B Grand America

The headlights have a typical BMW design with angel lights and adaptive xenon headlamps. The seat on this motorcycle is extremely wide and comfortable. The rider also gets a backrest which they can use for longer trips. The pillion also gets a plush-looking seat with an armrest and wide backrest. However, the space for the pillion seat is much lesser than the rider’s. The front and rear have 17-inch wheels, and the front wheels have a dual disc brake setup while the rear gets a single unit. As this motorcycle is categorized as a tourer, it has a huge fuel tank. It can store up to 26.5 litres of petrol in it. This means that you don’t have to make stops very often to fill the tank on your road trip.

The instrument cluster on this motorcycle is a mix of digital display and analog dials. There is also a radio and a four-speaker system installed on this bike. The bike also gets a navigation screen installed above the instrument cluster. The main attraction of this motorcycle was definitely the sound. The motorcycle was running on stock exhausts, and the vlogger mentions that the motorcycle sounds like a sports car. She extremely liked the motorcycle and mentions that this is still the friendliest tourer motorcycle that she has ever ridden. Some school children even gathered around the bike to check how it sounds. They were excited to see a huge bike, probably for the first time.

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