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The affordable and large-volume luggage solution gets a waterproof liner and a roll-top closure.

If you like to travel the way I do, with a great deal of worldly possessions, then going places on a motorcycle is probably a challenge. Sure, there are luggage options out there, but most will only allow you to take along the bare essentials, when considering long trips.

But with a massive 72 litres of capacity and the versatility of its ‘claw’ form factor, the Viaterra Claw tail bag should make for a great no-compromise motorcycling luggage solution. Here’s how it lives up to that promise.

It gets a waterproof liner and a roll-top closure.

Starting with the obvious, there is a ton of space on offer. This Rs 4,299 waterproof version of the bag features a roll-top waterproof liner for the main compartment, as well as an external rain cover for the entire bag. Without the liner, the bag will cost you Rs 3,699. The main compartment is very roomy, but the shape makes this bag tricky to pack – it’s easiest when mounted on something like a stool, which mimics the pillion seat of a bike.

There’s also a pair of large external pockets on either side, and Viaterra says each one can even accommodate a 5-litre jerry can. While this extra storage space is very useful, the pockets are closed by a flap with a clip and a zipper closure would’ve been more secure. There are at least four more smaller pockets on the inside and outside of the bag and these are closed by zippers. So overall, there’s a lot of space for your stuff, and you can also organise and segregate the smaller items in a neat fashion.

Side pockets are missing zippers

A couple of areas where the Claw falls short is when it comes to mounting and the quality of the plastic fittings. The mounting system and process is actually quite straightforward and easy – two loop straps through the rear foot pegs which attach to the front of the bag via double D-rings, and one strap that loops under the bike’s tail section and attaches to the rear of the bag via D-rings at either end. This should allow you to mount the Claw on just about any motorcycle. But what makes the mounting cumbersome is managing the various straps.

There is a lot of excess strap length on all three mounting straps, and there are also two compression straps that go over the top of the bag, which also have a lot of excess length. Tucking all these loose ends away becomes a bit of a task in itself, and the most secure way to do this is by stuffing them into one of the zippered pockets – neither the side pockets nor the netting on the outside of the bag will safely hold the strap-ends. If you only plan to use the bag on one bike, you could cut the straps to the appropriate length, but that isn’t an option for me. The other issue is with the various plastic clips, buckles and D-rings across the bag, which don’t feel as rugged as I’d like, especially considering how heavy this bag can get when fully loaded.

All in all, though, the Claw offers an enormous amount of waterproof luggage volume for the price, and though using it does require some amount of patience and care, a large bag like this is more likely to be used on the occasional long journey rather than a regular affair.


Price: Rs 4,299

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