WEST BIKING Bicycle Protector Cover MTB Road Bike Full Cover Dust-proof Scratch-proof Frame Wheels Protective Gear Storage Bag

Price: 28,95 - 15,52

WEST BIKING Bike Protector Cover

1、Keep Home Clean: Don't bring dust outside into your home! This bicycle cover can protect your valuable furniture from getting dirty and keep indoor floor clean and tidy.
2、Suitable for Bicycles Types: Suitable for 26" 27.5 "700c " bike mountain bikes and road bikes.
3、High Quality: Made of high-quality, you can use dust-proof polyester to prevent dust and moisture. In any weather, it can keep bicycles and houses safe and clean throughout the season.
4、Easy to Clean: Simple washing with water. Our bicycle wheel covers can be reused for a long time.
5、Easy Installation; No tools required. Your grandmother can easily wrap it on tires and pedals. Just slide in the front wheel first, and then go around the rear wheel.

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