Young cricketers should not drive their vehicles alone

The entire country was shocked after hearing about the freak accident that India’s one of the top up-and-coming cricketers Rishabh Pant had gone through. Everyone was even more petrified after they saw how his car looked post-accident. To everyone’s relief it was also reported that Pant survived the crash and is now recovering at a private hospital in Dehradun. Following the accident, one of the most legendary cricketers of our country Kapil Dev shared a piece of advice for many upcoming young cricketers.

Legendary cricketer Kapil Dev: Young cricketers should not drive their vehicles alone

While speaking to a media publication, the world cup winning batsman and captain Kapil Dev said, “Yes, you have a good-looking car with great speeds but you have to be careful. You can easily afford a driver, you don’t have to drive it alone. I understand that one has hobbies or even passion for such things, it’s natural to have it at his age, but you also have responsibilities. Only you can take care of yourself. You have to decide things for yourself,”

During the media interaction the iconic cricket recalled a motorcycle accident during his days as an Indian cricket player and added that following the incident, his brother forbade him from riding a motorcycle. He stated, “When I was still an up-and-coming cricketer, I faced a motorcycle accident. From that day onwards, my brother didn’t even let me touch the motorbike,” He further added. “I am just thankful to god that Rishabh Pant is safe.”

For those still unaware on the morning of 30th December, Rishab Pant narrowly escaped after his car was involved in a major accident. The Mercedes-AMG GLE SUV was being driven by Rishabh Pant at a very high speed, before it collided with a road divider. In this crash, the GLE overturned a couple of times, before burning completely into ashes. The time between the collision and the SUV burning into ashes was merely 5-7 seconds, within which Pant managed to come out of the car by breaking the windscreen. Pant has come back to his senses but has suffered from injuries on his back, head and feet. The incident happened when he was returning home from Delhi on the Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal.

Legendary cricketer Kapil Dev: Young cricketers should not drive their vehicles alone

The first people to save Rishabh Pant from his burning luxury automobile after it collided with a divider were Sushil Kumar and Paramjeet. When he witnessed the terrible collision, Kumar, who was operating a Haryana Roadways bus on the same roadway, stopped sideways to assist Pant. He first didn’t recognize Pant, but he and his conductor Paramjeet still went out of their way to assist him, showing the very best of mankind. Later on, though, Paramjeet noticed Pant and informed Kumar that he is an Indian cricket player.

Sushil Kumar and Paramjeet were recently recognized and honored by Haryana Roadways for their selfless deed of saving Pant’s life. Additionally, it has been stated that the Uttarakhand government would help these wonderful people in exchange for their generosity. According to Ashok Kumar, the director general of the Uttarakhand Police, all bystanders who assisted in rescuing Pant from the scene of the accident and bringing him to the hospital will also receive rewards under the “Good Samaritan” programme of the Central Government’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.




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