Bajaj V15 Modified: Bike Examples, Prices, Photos

Bajaj V15 is a mixture of cafe racer and cruiser. We have witnessed various modifications done by owners to make their bike looks more attractive. 

In this article we are showing you Bajaj V15 modification examples and also providing details regarding them so that if you want to modify your Bajaj v15 then through this article you know where you can get them modified according to your need.

 1. V15 Cafe Racer by Sumanth Raj

Sumanth Raj has converted V15 into a minimalist cafe racer. Metallic gray wrap is done on body and black on the panels. On front Circular LED headlamp with X shaped grile is used. Customised clip-on handlebar gives perfect look to cafe racer. On front fork black color cover is used for bulkier look. 3 piece instrument console in vintage style is fitted. Tyres are also replaced with 100/18 – R17 Pirelli Sports on front and 140/60 -R17 on rear. He also changed the exhaust system with aftermarket exhaust and akrapovik tip. 

V15 Cafe Racer by Sumanth Raj

2. Bajaj V15 modified by EIMOR Customs

Bajaj V15 is created from the metal of warship INS Vikrant. EIMOR Customs through their modification took the bike to another level. They have colored the bike in battlefield grey color. There is rust and textured portion to match the warship. They have airbrushed the fuel tank with aerial view of ship. Fender features R11 name with Indian Flag. One side of bike got the tenure of bike commissioning. Chassis and engine are colored in Black. 

EIMOR Custom modified Bajaj V15

3. N51 V15 Cafe Racer by DR Customs Peru

It is evident that V15 is not only famous in India but in foreign countries also. Peru based modification house has done quite a good work on Bajaj V15. They have used chrome elements on the bike. On fuel tank instead of V mark, they have written Vikrant. Stainless steel clubman handlebar is used. Full LED headlight is prefered over stock. Stainless steel exhaust is used. There are number of remarkable changes done in this modification. 

4. Vikranta (V15 modified into Jawa Perak) by Motorhead Customs

V15 is fully modified by Motorhead Customs to look like Jawa Perak Bobber.

They have used single bobber seat. Tail light is integrated backwards on the seat. Fuel tank is fully modified. Instrument console used is stock and is fitted on the fuel tank. Swing arm is extended. Front and rear fenders are also customised. Handlebar is modified and inverted rear view mirrors are used on both side of it. Headlight is also replaced with LED one. Engine is stock and fine tuned. Various parts are kept stock such as suspension, alloys, disc brake, etc.

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