Late For Office? Ather Electric Scooter ‘Updating’ Is The Reason! [Video]

Generally, when people run late for their office, they blame the traffic on the road. However, as technology is progressing, they can now blame their scooters for being late as well. Recently, in a rather unique situation, a man got late to reach his office after his electric scooter started updating itself. The video of this distinct problem has been shared on X, and it has garnered a number of eyeballs on the platform.

EV scooter leaves owner stranded as it updates

This video showing the Ather Energy scooter auto-updating itself has been shared by Pratik Rai. For those who may not be aware, Pratik has a very popular YouTube channel by the name of Techwiser. Now, despite being a technology enthusiast, recently he had to stand stranded as his advanced electric scooter started an auto-update.

He shared the video of him showing his scooter updating itself over the air. The post he shared had the caption, “It’s SUCH A NEW problem. My Ather started updating when I turned it on in the morning. I couldn’t move or go to the office. It’s like – I am late to the office because my scooter was updating!”

Netizens’ reactions

As mentioned, this video has gone viral on the internet, and a number of people are reacting to it. Many people shared the sentiment of this being a very “modern problem”. Some people stated that this will become an interesting reason to tell to the boss after getting late.

One of the users of the platform commented, “Been there. Faced that. @atherenergy and @tarunsmehta must consider notifying the user by app notification that the scooter is due for an update just like a Windows PC. Update at a convenient time.”

Ather completing update Techwiser

Does Ather offer scheduling for updates?

On the same post, a page by the name – Coimbatore Ather Owners shed light on this matter. It stated, “Pratik, There is an Option to Schedule your Software Update !! Know your Vehicle first”. However, as a reply to this comment, Pratik wrote, “It didn’t ask me anything. It seemed maybe like a fix.”

Generally, Ather Energy scooters do offer an option to schedule updates. However, in this particular scenario according to the owner, he was not informed by the scooter before it started updating itself. Most likely, this was a small update; hence there was no option.

Ather Scooter caught fire

Ather energy scooters catch fire inside truck

In other Ather Energy scooter news, recently a video showing at least four Ather Energy scooters involved in a fire inside a transport truck has been shared online. In the video, four scooters on the top section of the truck were burning, while four on the bottom section were safe.

It was reported by the local residents who saw this incident taking place that the truck passed through an electrical line. This then caused electricity to run through the truck, which in turn caused the BMS to short out completely.

Back in 2022, another incident of an Ather Energy electric scooter catching on fire was shared on the internet. It was reported that this scooter caught fire inside an Ather dealership in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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