Owner shares experience after completing 4,000 km

Ultraviolette is a name that motorcycle enthusiasts have been hearing for some time. This electric vehicle manufacturing start-up recently launched their first product, the F77, in the market. The motorcycle has three variants, and the price for this starts at Rs 3.8 lakh, ex-showroom, and goes up to Rs 5.5 lakh. Deliveries for this brand-new electric motorcycle have already started, and many celebrities like Dulquer Salmaan and Rannvijay have already bought it. Here, we have a video in which a customer who bought the F77 electric bike shares his experience after completing 4,000 km.

The video has been shared by Dekho EV on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to the owner of an Ultraviolette F77 bike from Karnataka. The customer bought this bike almost 3 months ago and has covered over 4,000 km since then. The owner mentions that he has been following the brand for a very long time. He was keen on this product and remained up to date. He wanted to buy this bike even before it was launched.

The variant that the customer owns is the mid Laser variant, which costs Rs 4.5 lakh, ex-showroom. When the customer learned about the price, he initially felt sad as it was way above his budget. However, he waited for a few more months and then finally picked it up. He mentions that it doesn’t feel like anything he has ridden before. The Ballistic riding mode on this motorcycle is extremely potent and would easily push you back in your seat.

First ownership experience of the made-in-India Ultraviolette F77 electric sportsbike after 4,000 km [Video]
Ultraviolette F77 ownership experience

Other than the performance aspect, he really likes the overall design, and he mentions that his bike is a crowd-puller as many people still don’t know much about the brand. Many even mistake it for a Revolt. The customer mentions that he has not faced any issues with the bike yet. He had to adjust the slack on the chain a couple of times. He also mentions that the performance and range from the bike are satisfactory.

He gets around 200 km of range on average. The highest he has achieved is around 235 km. He never sticks to a single mode and keeps switching it according to his needs. Due to this, he has no idea about what range the bike would return in each mode. The customer often takes the bike for weekend road trips and has never faced an issue yet.

He also mentions that he has not faced any issues with the service. He calls the service center, and the hangar assigns a representative who takes care of the bike and gets it serviced on time. He does mention that the brand has installed fast chargers at their dealerships; however, they should expand the fast charging network in the city to improve the overall experience for customers. He also mentions that the flap to access the charging port and the tail tidy for the bike look a bit flimsy and inferior in quality when compared to other parts. He also wished that the software experience on the app could have been improved and the instrument cluster could have been slightly bigger. Other than this, the owner is extremely happy with the overall performance and ownership experience so far.

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