Police stop him to check out the EV [Video]

Ola electric scooters are currently the most popular electric scooters in the country. They have been in the market for quite some time and we have been hearing mixed reviews about their products. We have come across several videos of Ola electric scooter where riders have shown the range and durability of the product. Some of these have been featured on our website too. Although, it is a popular two-wheeler, many are still skeptical about EVs and have range anxieties. Here we have a video where Kerala police stops an Ola S1 pro electric scooter rider to check out the vehicle.

The video has been shared by RV MEDIA on Facebook. In this video, the vlogger was actually on a road trip in his Ola S1 pro scooter. He had started his journey from Mysore in Karnataka and is riding to Kozhikode in Kerala. He was riding through Bandipur national park in Karnataka. When he started his ride, he was riding mostly through highways and maintaining a steady speed to avoid and issues with the range. He soon entered the road that cuts through the National Park. He kept on riding the scooter with tall trees on both sides.

There were other vehicles passing through the same road. Even animals like tigers have been spotted on these roads in the past but, the rider was lucky or unlucky that he did not find any animals there. The only wild animal he found while riding through the road was a spotted deer. Soon he crossed the checkpost and entered Kerala. After riding for a couple of km, a cop asked him to pull over so that they can check the vehicle. The rider was initially worried about the Go Pro mounted on to his body as it is illegal in the state to ride a scooter with camera mounted on it. 

Youtuber rides Ola S1 Pro electric scooter from Karnataka to Kerala: Police stop him to check out the EV [Video]
Kerala police checking Ola S1 pro

The cop was not worried about any of those and just wanted to check if the rider was carrying any alcohol or any other illegal items from the neighboring state. The first cop who came near the scooter enquired about the rider’s route and when he realised that he was travelling to Kozhikode from Mysore, he started asking him more about the scooter. They were surprised to see a person doing such road trips on electric scooters.

One of them even asked about the riding range with fully charged batteries. The cop was amazed to know that the scooter returned around 150 km when fully charged. A couple of other cops came to the rider and asked about the scooter and even asked whether the instrument cluster can play videos in it. The rider told them that this is a touchscreen unit and it shows maps and other essential information that rider needs. He also played a music through the speakers that are inbuilt with the scooter. They even checked the charger and the boot space that Ola scooter offers. Overall they were impressed with the scooter and they let the ride go after inspecting the vehicle.

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