Rynox Vapour Pro, price, comfort, fit, gear review – Introduction

The Rynox Vapour Pro is a cost effective base layer for hot weather riding.

The world of base layers can be vast and confusing, with basic options starting at less than Rs 1,000 to ultra high-end solutions costing ten times that. Since these come from popular Indian brand Rynox, you’d be right to expect a price on the sensible end of the spectrum, but after having used them for about a month, I’ve also found the performance to be very good as well.

The idea behind base layers is two-fold. The first is that they should be made from a material which easily wicks moisture away, thereby keeping you cool as the sweat in the material gets removed. The second benefit comes in the fit – snug-fitting liners provide a compression effect that helps increase blood flow in muscle groups, which is good for performance and recovery.

The Vapour Pro fits really well with a nice tight feel, but it’s also comfortable with no annoying seams or specific pressure points. One of my favourite aspects of the fit is that there’s a slot in the sleeve that your thumb can fit through. This keeps the sleeve stretched all the way down your forearm and doesn’t allow it to slowly slide up through the day.

Thumb slot ensures correct fit all day long.

For most riders, the bigger benefit will be in the moisture-wicking capabilities. Of all the budget-friendly options I have used, this material is the best at that job. That isn’t surprising when you hear that the Vapour Pro was developed with inputs from Dakar rider Ashish Raorane.

In fact, the key thing that differentiates these liners against international products that cost four to five times as much is its weight and thickness. They certainly aren’t heavy, but they’re also not as super lightweight and thin as some international brands. That being said, while they do take up some more space in my cupboard, I have zero complaints when I’m on the bike.

The upper layer that you see here costs Rs 1,500 while Rynox will also sell you a set of lowers for the same money. You will find cheaper options out there, but having used these, I can assure you it’s worth paying the extra money.

Where: rynoxgear.com
Price: Rs 1,500

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