Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani’s Aston Martin DB11 spotted on Mumbai roads [Video]

One can’t deny the fact that the ‘Ambani Garage’ is one of the most desirable car collections in India. The country’s richest person and business tycoon Mukesh Ambani and his family members have a nice taste in luxury cars and supercars and keep on acquiring the latest offerings of the high-end automotive world.

Apart from the flagship luxury sedans and SUVs from luxury carmakers, the businessman also owns a slew of high-end supercars from elusive car brands. One such popular and desirable supercar in his collection is the flagship Aston Martin offering, the DB11 grand tourer.

One of the most expensive grand tourers in the world, the Aston Martin DB11 two-door coupe is a rare sight on Indian roads. Only a few lucky ones own this car, which is known to have one of the best combinations of both sportiness and luxury on wheels. The Ambani family owns a black-coloured Aston Martin DB11, which is sometimes spied on the roads of Mumbai. In a YouTube video uploaded by CS 12 Vlogs, someone caught a glimpse of Mukesh Ambani’s Aston Martin DB11 being driven on the roads of Mumbai.

No security cars

Ambani’s Aston Martin DB11 sportscar spotted in Mumbai [Video]

In the video, we can see that the DB11 isn’t followed by any security car, which is unusual for a car from Ambani Garage. Usually, cars belonging to Mukesh Ambani’s collection are seen with convoy cars with security guards in them. This indicates that the car was being driven by a driver, and was not having any family member of Ambani in it. The Aston Martin DB11 seen in the video is owned by Exotic Cars, which is a company registered under Mukesh Ambani’s widespread group of industries.

The DB11 is not the first Aston Martin owned by Mukesh Ambani, as the businessman has also owned V8 Vantage and the four-door Rapide in the past. The Rapide was involved in a much-publicized car crash, which grabbed a lot of headlines many years ago. This car was reportedly crashed by one of the drivers of the Ambani family, while some claim that the car was being driven by Anant Ambani when the accident took place.

The Aston Martin DB11 is offered in both coupe and convertible versions in India, though it is the former which has sold in more numbers in India. Both versions of the DB11 are offered with two twin-turbocharged engine options – a 4.0-litre 510 PS V8 engine and a 5.2-litre 640 PS V12 engine. The DB11 owned by Mukesh Ambani, as seen in the video, is the more powerful, range-topping V12 version.

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