Vacmaster Home Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Vacuum Cleaner 3 in 1 Wet Dry Vacuums with Spray Pump for Sterilize 30L Car Vacuum Cleaner

Price: 35,685.77

Vacmaster 30L Home Vacuum Cleaner VK1330PWDR

Multifuctional: Dry/Wet/Spray
Powerful: 19KPa Power Suction
Big Volumen: 30 Litre
Tank Material: Plastic
The Length of Power Line: 10m
The Length of Suction Hose: 2.9m

Use in: Office/Living Room/Hotel/Car Wash

High performance motor with powerful suction for household cleanup.
Power: 1300W
Power Suction: 19Kpa
Low Noise: 68dB


1. Power Cable Hook
2. Safety Metal Latch
3. Comfortable Big Handle
4. Front Casters and Big Rear Wheels
5. Big water Tank
6. Easy Empty Drain Port


1. Round Brush
2. Combo floor brush
3. PTFE Filter
4. Crevice tool
5. EVA hose
6. Foam filter
7. Metal flexible tube
8. Wiper brush with squeegee
9. Bluetooth control handle
10. Handheld nozzle
11. Carpet Nozzle

Dry Function

1. Safe Cleaning of Decoration Resioues
2. Clean the sediment in the corner
3. Suck up big and small particles

Moisture Absorption

It can be used for bathroom, water stains of kitchen, and meanwhile it also can suck up spilled egg porridge and soup so that make your floor as clean as possible

Car Use

Car Dust Removal
Shell Crumbs absorption
Gap Junction

Sofa Cleaning pump and spray one button control

Sofa Cleaning
Clean the curtain without removal
Easy Carpet Cleaning

Patent Technology Bluetooth Switch

One button control to pump and spray
Another button control to absorb dust

Multi-filtration To Prevent Secondary Pollution

Excellent Filtration System/Multi-layer/Check At Each Level

Water Stop Float To Protect Motor

This Motor will stop working when the water level of liquid waste reaches the maximum. Meanwhile, the noise will be increased in order to warn user turn off power and clean the tank

13.8M Radius of Operation

13.8M Radius of Operation directly covers 350 ㎡, no need to replace electric outlet frequently convenient to clean the whole living room, bedroom

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